Saturday, June 12, 2010

The Pink Phone

So, I have a pink cell phone. I love my pink phone. It is Barbie pink.

My husband calls it "a pregnancy purchase" because I bought it two and a half years ago when I was six months pregnant with my first son.

I went to the cell phone company, fully planning on cancelling my account because I loathed this particular cell phone service. And a beacon of heavenly light, shining bright in a display case, was the pink phone. I think there were tweeting cartoon birds flying in circles above it surrounded by a golden aura and lots of glitter. I couldn't resist. I had to have that pink phone.

So, I signed another two year contract just so I could have the pink phone. When I arrived home, my husband thought I had gone mad. He couldn't believe what I had done. All the bitching over the years about my cell phone service, and then I sign another contract just so I could have the pink phone.

Well, the pink phone and I have had a good run. It has spurned many comments from others who thought it was a toy phone. It has brought on many jabs from my husband. And I fully enjoyed every minute of my time with the Pepto Bismol-colored cell.

And now that I am six months pregnant again, I am saying good-bye to the Barbie pink flip phone. My contract is up again and my husband won't let me go by myself to cancel my service because of the possibility of me finding a yellow phone this time and renewing my contract (I just love yellow, don't you? It's such a happy summer color). I am switching to another cell provider and getting an updated, yet plain, black phone.

And although I still won't have internet on my phone like 90% of Americans, this phone has the capabilities of internet whenever we have the money for it. I've almost made it into the 2000's and out of the 1990's. Yay me.

P.S. Monday begins my Money Monday series. Maybe I'll learn something. Stay tuned!


  1. H! Stopping by from Friday Follow. Nice to meet you. Can't wait to read more about you through your blog. Hope to see you around my corner of bloggy land.

  2. Too funny! I have a pink phone case - so I'm close ... just not quite there yet! :P


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