Thursday, June 10, 2010

I am dumber than I've ever been. At least I hope I've never been this dumb.

So, yes, I am dumber than I have ever been.

Some people don't believe in pregnant brain, but I know all too well that it exists. All too well.

I don't think I was this dumb with my first pregnancy. Sure, I did some dumb things, like putting a box of macaroni and cheese in the dishwasher and putting boxes of cereal in the refrigerator. But I wasn't near as forgetful as I am this time. I chalk it up to being pregnant AND distracted by a wild toddler all day.

Some of the dumb things I've done in the last six months:

*I left my car windows down for two days while it rained and now my car smells like feet and mildew and wet dog.

*On a regular basis, I put wet clothes in the dryer and then never start the dryer. Then, I find the wet clothes 2 days later in said dryer, smelling like feet and mildew and wet dog.

*On a regular basis, I put detergent in the dishwasher and never start it.

*I leave the water running in the kitchen sink and then blame my husband for doing it.

*Every morning I re-heat my morning tea in the microwave and every afternoon I find it still in the microwave, cold and forgotten.

*I repeat myself in conversations. Sometimes I will repeat a thought in the same sentence I will repeat a thought.

*I can't remember my husband's answers to questions I just asked him two minutes ago.

*I went to dinner the other night and left my keys in my car. In the ignition. And left the car running (okay, I have to admit that I have done this one several times before I was pregnant. I once left it running for nine hours while I went to work. I would like to blame this one on pregnancy, but unfortunately, I can't.)

*By mid-afternoon, I can't remember if I brushed my teeth that morning.

*I can't remember to water my fern and my gerber daisies, so my husband ends up doing it. My daisies aren't looking too good.

*I forget to change my son's diapers. I will notice that his diaper is full, start to pick him up to change it, and then see something shiny and forget all about it until the pee soaks through his shorts onto the couch and I have to clean him up AND the couch.

*I forget to take showers. It will be a Wednesday and I will realize that I haven't taken a shower since Saturday. I forget that it is part of necessary hygiene. I chalk that up to never going anywhere besides the grocery store and the park.

So, I hope my smarts come back. It is exhausting being this dumb. Really it is.


  1. I read a post yesterday where someone was complaining of pregnancy brain too. She said she sometimes drools accidentally now that she's pregnant too. Do you have that to add to your list? ;)

  2. You aren't leaving your purse in restaurants again, are you? Ha!

  3. Oh I so believe in preggo brain. I had it in the worst way. I swear to you I forgot how to spell, peoples names, where I left my keys....I think it is to prepare us for life with 2 kids:)

    Thanks for your kind words on my post the other day...they meant an awful lot:)

  4. I don't think preggo brain has ever left me. A couple of months ago I put the phone in the washing machine, and recently I went outside to put mail in the mailbox, and discovered I was holding a box of rice.

  5. I had pregnant brain too with my last pregnancy. But I still do the forgetting to turn the dryer on or not close the lid to the washer. Thanks for the Friday Follow, hope you have a great weekend.

  6. Following you from Friday Follow!! I hope you can stop by our blog too and do the same. Have a great weekend.

  7. *See something shiny*
    Hilarious!! I believe in pregnancy brain and still have it 5 months after delivering. Of course I don't think it goes away when you have multiple kids. I believe its your minds way of helping you forget things so you don't kill your young.
    Great blog! Found you through Friday Follow.

  8. I believe in it, too. But I think it stays with you after your child continues to grow. Like mine is 3 and I sometimes still have it. ie: the tea in the microwave, laundry in the washer, (altho I make myself forget about that!) and whatnot! :) You are not alone!

  9. Oh goodness...I'm there with you! I have left the water on in the kitchen and flooded it. Left the house with fron door AND garage door open only to return thinking a burgular had broken in (how would they open the garage door???) and most recently lost my children in Old Navy but lucky for me heard them yelling from inside a clothes rack in a British accent pretenting to be in Narnia. Yup. Don't think it's dumb so much as it is mama mush brain. Oh yeah, had a car for three or four months before realizing it had a sunroof. Uh huh. Serious.


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