Monday, June 14, 2010

Week One: Money Mondays!

So, here we go. I am working to change my attitude about money and you can come along too!

I am reading the book, Money, and the Law of Attraction: Learning to Attract Wealth, Health and Happiness. I will share what I learn here on Money Mondays! First, let me give you a little background. This post might be long so I applaud you if you read it all and give me some feedback!

As I said in my previous post about this (here), I have never cared much about money or having a lot of it. I used to see excessive amounts of money as something that complicates people's lives when I just wanted to live a simple one. I even almost saw being wealthy as a negative thing (gasp!). And as a result of this way of thinking, in my adult life, I have never had much money. Another reason being that, despite the fact that I have two bachelor's degrees, I'm not very good at earning it. As I have said before, I never had any career ambitions growing up. I just wanted to be a mommy, a wife, and a creator and patron of all things beautiful and spiritual. Relationships, family, emotions, art, literature, music, all things I cared about way more than making money.

But now, suddenly I care about having money. Why? Because I'm not alone in this life anymore. I have an almost 2-yr old son and another son due in September. And I don't ever want them to be without. And I no longer want to have to worry about how we will afford preschool, or birthday and Christmas presents, or the mortgage, or medical bills, because it takes precious attention away from my kids. I can't be everything to them that I could be if I am in a constant state of fear about money.

So, now that I care about having money, it eludes me. Ever since my husband lost his job last July (almost a year ago! I can't believe it!), it seems that we have had one financial crisis after another. Whether it be insurance problems (oh, don't get me started!), unexpected medical issues (miscarriage and trying to pay for prenatal care with crappy insurance), rent house disasters, broken car parts and appliances, and more, we have had our fair share this past year, all the while making a lot less money than before my husband lost his job. Therefore, I have spent the year concentrating on lack.

Lack of money, lack of time together (due to having to work multiple jobs), lack of energy, lack of fun, lack, lack, lack. And isn't it the same with everything that once you concentrate on the lack of something, it continues to be a lack?

Here is where this book steps in.

And here is where I step out because if you read my post here, then you know I have severe pregnant brain and I put a tortilla in the toaster oven about ten minutes ago, forgot about it, and now my house is totally filled with smoke. And apparently, my smoke alarm is dead. I will have to finish this post tomorrow. Sorry!


  1. left me hangin'. Anxious to hear more.

  2. Posting about being financially smart actually cost you money today! Oh no!


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