Tuesday, August 3, 2010

i scream, you scream, we all scream for i...Carly? and Thank you, Momma Ra!

So, my son doesn't like cartoons. He never has. He will be two years old in a couple of weeks and he has no idea who Woody, Buzz Lightyear, Lightening McQueen, Dora, Diego, or any other cartoon characters are. He couldn't care less about Spiderman, Batman, Superman, Wubbzy, Nemo, the Backyardigans, the Wonder Pets, or Mickey Mouse.

When he was younger, he watched Blue's Clues, Yo Gabba Gabba, and Sesame Street because there are human beings and puppets in these shows (he likes puppets). But, as he has gotten closer to two years of age, he will only watch shows meant for kids ages 6-16 or shows that exclusively star human beings. Like The Upside Down Show. Or The Fresh Beat Band. Or The Suite Life on Deck and Hannah Montana. Or Star Wars.

He has always preferred real people to cartoon characters. During the last presidential election, Max was an infant. After President Obama was elected, Max would lie on the floor on a blanket and watch President Obama's entire speeches. He was riveted by him.

Last Sunday, I caught him completely engulfed in a televised Sunday morning church service with a Baptist preacher screaming at his congregation from the pulpit.

SEVERAL times, I have caught him sitting in front of the tv watching The Military Channel.

But lately, the only show he will watch is iCarly. This show has put him in a trance since he was around 18 months old, but lately, he has become completely obsessed. I've never seen him this obsessed with anything on television. Usually, he can't sit still in front of the tv for very long. He would never make it through a movie and he rarely makes it through a 30 minute show.

But iCarly? He will watch it allllll day. The first thing he does in the morning is run to the TV and say, "Carly?" Before he goes to bed at night, he asks to watch, "Carly?" If anything else is on TV besides iCarly, he says, "Nooooooo. Carly?"

He dances to the opening credits. He has several pictures of Miranda Cosgrove that my husband printed off the internet. In the picture below, he is coloring one of his Carly pictures while watching iCarly.

Last week, I took him to Hobby Lobby and he saw an iCarly activity book hanging from one of the shelves. Oh, talk about a public breakdown.

He cried out, "Carly!!! Carly!!!" And when I wouldn't buy it for him (he is only 23 months old! He wouldn't even know how to do any of the activities in the book. It was meant for much older kids), he screamed, "Caaaaaaaaarlllllyyyyyyyy!! Waaaaaaa! Caaaarrllllyyyyyyyyy!" and kept trying to reach for her as we continued down the aisle. He cried all the way to the check out.

In these pictures from this morning, he is mesmerized by iCarly. He didn't budge from the couch.

I am going through iCarly overload. I can't take much more. It is a cute show, but not ten times a day. I know too much about it now. And frankly, Gibby scares me a little bit.

On another note, if you notice the cute shirt Max is wearing in these pictures, it is from a great giveaway I won on Momma ra's blog, The Boy and the Blog. This shirt is absolutely adorable! It is from an Etsy store called Appledonia. Please check out both Momma ra's blog and this precious Etsy site. Appledonia has all kinds of different customized shirts! I picked this one because my son will be turning two this month. Thank you Momma ra and Appledonia!

Now, I've got to go watch some adult programming before my son wakes up from his nap and starts asking, "Carly? Carly?"


  1. I just can't imagine what the attraction is to that show. He's so little to be into her. Funny. Love the shirt! It's adorable, as he is in it.

  2. that's so funny! What a handsome boy...

  3. Maybe he thinks she's cute, that Carly girl.

    And as far as watching Obama and the Military Channel - perhaps he likes the soothing documentary voice, instead of the goofy music and rather shrill voices of cartoons.

  4. I think my daughter likes that show, and she's 11-LOL! I can't believe you have to watch the tween shows already. Maybe try Sesame Street again (although I can't stand Elmo!)

  5. I love that he loves ICarly. That is awesome. That shirt is so cute! Love it on him.

  6. Your sound sounds very smart! I mean, what child will sit and watch a president speak without becoming bored the first 5 minutes? Seriously, he sounds very smart to me.

    I hear ya on the iCarly thing though. My older boys watch that show and I don't mind it, but my little guy loves Gabba and that is really starting to get old to me!

  7. OMG that is so funny because my 6 and 3 year old are also obsessed OBSESSED with iCarly. Frankly, I'm pretty sure it's my fault because I was so sick of Blues Clues, Barney, Sesame Street and all the other age appropriate programming that *I* started watching iCarly just to get a break from it all. Then the obsession began. And the worst part is....(shhhhh don't tell anyone) I think I am as bad as your 2 year old. They have iCarly activity booklets????? I WANT ONE!!!

  8. I've caught iCarly a few times, but it seemed a bit spastic...
    Just stopping by from Follow Me. :)

  9. Oh, but he is SOOOO cute. How did you resist buying that activity book for that face!? :) It's hilarious you blog about this today because my 6 year old son returned from a week at his Grammie's house...obsessed with iCarly. I've never even seen it, but he has requested that we record it for him.

    My confession: If it's anything like Wizards of Waverly Place, I envision us watching it together. And loving it.

  10. This still cracks me up!

    I wanted to stop by to let you know that my blog has moved and you can now find me at http://raisingmy5sons.com :)


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