Friday, July 30, 2010

It's scheduled! and It's a Baby Shower!

So, my c-section has been scheduled! Harry will be born on Friday, September 10th! Yay!

I feel as if things are falling into place. I love knowing when my son will be born - no waiting to go into labor like with my first child. I am a planner, so this is good for me. The nursery is almost finished, as well. It is the smallest room in the house (besides the bathrooms), so it seems crowded and cluttered to me, but I am going to work on de-cluttering this week. Harry has so many hand-me-down baby toys from his brother (I love saying "his brother"!) and his cousin that they are taking over the room! It is kinda driving me crazy.

Now for some baby shower pictures! Not my baby shower - I'm not having one this time around - but my sister's baby shower. My younger sis, Jill, lives in Illinois and she is also pregnant (with her first, a girl), due in November. She came home last week for her hometown baby shower.

This is my beautiful sis! The teddy bear belonged to my grandmother who passed away in 2007. Our aunt gave it to Jill for her future daughter.

Here is the food table! Yum yum! We had sandwiches shaped like baby bottles (I used a baby bottle cookie cutter), petit fours with butterflies, and strawberries dipped in pink chocolate!

I love this picture! She is opening a present from her sister-in-law that had pickles and chocolate in it!

Here is a belly picture of my sister and me.

She is younger than me (by a little less than two years) but somehow she is taller. We are both wearing flat shoes! What's up with that?


  1. My beautiful daughters! Love you both so much!

  2. Hi -- I've been away from blogging and reading my favorite blogs for awhile -- have missed so much since I've been gone!

    So happy to hear that you'll be having a new little boy soon! Thanks for sharing the shower pics -- I LOVE the fun gift idea of pickles and chocolate -- I might borrow that someday to add to my usual practical/useful gifts!

    Take care -- Dee

  3. Aww!! You and your sis are too cute with those preggo bellies! That's so exciting that the cousins will be super close in age:)

  4. You guys look great and I so could eat all that yummy looking food ! haha

  5. I love that last picture! That's so cute. It's great that you're pregnant at the same time.

    Congrats on the C-section scheduling...2 days after my husband and I's anniversary and 10 days before my daughter's birthday! September is a good month! :)

  6. Yayy for a date! You and your sister are too cute. How fun to be pregnant together. :)

  7. New follower from Friendly Friday! That is so great that you both are pregnant at the same time.

    I have never had a C-section but our last two were induced and I do agree that scheduling is better! My youngest will be turning a year old in September too!

    Come visit
    DustinNikki Mommy of Three

  8. awe! love the belly picture! what a sweet shower you had for her! so sweet! I am excited for you that you have a date for your little man and you are feeling good about things. yay!!!

  9. Baby showers are so much fun. I've been to so many and enjoy each and every one of them. Congrats to your sister and you csection date! Love the belly photos:)

  10. You two are adorable! I was pregnant with both of my sisters (not at the same time) but thought it was great! It's nice sharing that time with someone close to you.

    How exciting about knowing your baby's birthday!
    Not much exciting!!

  11. You're such a beautiful pregnant woman!! I wish I was that pretty when I was pregnant but I was miserable! LOL :) Hope you had a great shower!

    Following you (late) from Friendly Friday! Hope you can stop by and follow us as well!

  12. It must be nice to have both of you pregnant at the same time-so much to share...

  13. I love seeing all the pictures. Brings back recent memories of our daughters two pregnancies. Now she has an almost 3 year old boy (tomorrow) and a 15 month old boy. So much fun! I loved going to the baby showers. And I really love being a grandma to two precious blessings in our lives!

  14. Newest follower & thanks for stopping by my site, what a beautiful shower. I could never wear cute pregnancy clothes like you guys. Love that cake! Congrats!!

  15. Well not long now then. I hope everything will go great for you. How do you two manage to look so gorgeous while pregnant? You put me to shame.

    And I am the oldest in my family and both my sisters are taller than me :^(


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