Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Letting go of the baby stuff...hello Big Boy!

So, Max is the big 2 YRS OLD NOW! Mommy can't believe it. He turned two this past Saturday and we had a Star Wars party for him, which I will blog about later when I get all the pictures from family. So, to celebrate the big birthday, we have been letting go of the baby stuff and implementing big boy stuff over the past week!!

For example, preschool. As I said in the last post, his first day was a huge success. Days two and three? Close to success. By day two, he knew he was being left and he cried when my husband left the room. By day three? He wouldn't even go in the classroom. This morning he was all smiles until we rounded the corner and he saw his classroom. He immediately let go of our hands and took off in the other direction. When my husband caught him, he was already crying. Broke our hearts!!

But, the great thing about this preschool is that the teachers sent us mobile phone photos of him playing so that we would know he had stopped crying and was having a good time. This morning, I received a picture of him wearing a painting frock and he was painting on an easel. He looked just fine! What a big boy! Hopefully he will stop crying when we drop him off. My husband is a big 'ole soft teddy bear and he said he can't take it anymore.

Here are some of his new big boy moves!

He got a bike and helmet for his birthday. It is a Specialized bike, the kind with no pedals so that he learns to balance. He absolutely loves the helmet. He wears it around the house all day. He hasn't quite gotten the hang of the bike, but I'm sure it will take no time for his energetic curiosity to kick in and help him ride like the tiny Hell's Angel that he is.

Here are his new big boy shoes. We got him a pair of Nike tennis shoes so he can run even faster. What were we thinking?

We said bye-bye to the highchair and hello to the booster seat! Now, he is sitting at the table with us and he loves it.

And we said good-bye to the rocking chair.

And hello to a new table and chairs set from his grandparents. They have been a big hit with him and he hasn't even missed his rocking chair.

The rocking chair is now in Harrison's room. Speaking of, I am at 37 weeks and I have two more weeks to go until my scheduled c-section. At my doctor's appointment two days ago, my doctor told me that Harry is EXTREMELY low and I need to be careful if I think I am having contractions because I could dilate very quicky. She said I might make it or I might go into labor early. Hard to tell.

However, I can tell a huge difference in the way I feel from last week to this week. This week I have been miserable all day, uncomfortable, having abdominal pain from all the weight, back aches, my feet ache, and I can't get enough rest no matter how much I sleep or lay down. I'm not sure how the next two weeks are going to go, but I want to make it until my scheduled date so that my boys' birthdays are at least three weeks apart.

I will keep you updated!


  1. He's so cute...I love his new table set!

  2. I couldn't take the preschool drop off so my husband started doing it-I was pick up instead when there weren't any tears. My daughter adjusted fairly quickly but she was younger than my son-he held onto my legs and the teacher would have to help pry him off-I was always in tears by the time I got to the car! I wish I could tell you how long it took before he adjusted, but he is 7 and I just don't remember. Hopefully yours will come around soon.

  3. Aww, I am sure that drop off just broke your heart. I hope you can make it the next two weeks and not in to much pain. Fingers crossed. How funny, I had missed their birthdays would be so close. :)

  4. Wow, preschool! How exciting for your little guy! It was always hard for me to leave the boys for the first few days, but they did good. I don't start mine in preschool until they are 4, and mine still cried!

    Be careful though Mama b/c you don't want to have that baby at home! I hope all goes well and we get to hear a birth story within the next few months though! Congrats again! :)

  5. Oh wow! On to all these new big boy adventures. How awesome and bittersweet all at the same time. I'm still crying over stuff.

  6.'re almost done. You may be having a baby right now! :)

    Love the pictures. It goes so fast, doesn't it??

  7. Oh the first preschool dropoffs. They were so awful for me. I think I cried more than him. Anyway, happy to hear that things are going so well for him at school though. They always stop crying just as soon as mommy and daddy are gone. Good luck in these last few weeks!! Hope you feel better and hang tight! You are almost there!


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