Friday, August 13, 2010

One of those nasty Not-my-proudest-mommy moments.

So today, I had one of my not-so-proud mommy moments. I hate those.

My son (who will be two in a week! I can't believe it!) has been a pistol since last night. He has been in a really good mood, very spirited, but he has been into everything he knows he isn't supposed to be and has been doing everything he knows he isn't supposed to do.

For instance, spraying the walls and cabinetry with water, he dumped out half a bag of Veggie Booty on the den carpet this morning, crawling into the dryer, throwing his milk at me, pulling items out of the freezer onto the kitchen floor, throwing his shampoo in the toilet, etc. He has also been super sweet, though, doing things like kissing my knee when I bumped it on the door frame, helping me clean up milk spills with a towel, giving out lots of hugs and kisses, laughing hysterically when we play, etc.

So, this morning, I found an icky black cricket in his toy box. I took it to the front door to put it outside, and just as I thought he would, my son tried to escape out the front door. He loooooves to be outside, but with the last few days being 100 degrees, I can't take the heat in this 35-weeks-along-pregnant body. I overheat and get dehydrated VERY quickly.

As the cricket hopped away, I shut the screen door and my son started crying. I thought he was crying because I wouldn't let him go outside, so I held the screen door shut. Little did I know, he was actually crying because I had shut all four of his little fingers in the hinge side of the door.

As soon as I realized what happened, I opened the door and pulled him to me. Naturally, he was screaming! I felt like the worst mommy in the whole world. I held him tight while he cried and he held his fingers up to my mouth for "magic kisses" to make it all better.

His fingers were red, but no cuts or bruises or breaks, thank goodness. I let him pick out his own lunch because I felt so bad and he picked out a popsicle, some bunny crackers, and a fruit and grain bar. Not the healthiest lunch, but the popsicle made him smile again. Every minute or so, he would hold his fingers up to me again to kiss and make better. It was so sweet and just made my heart ache.

Afterwards, he cuddled up on the couch with his Star Wars sheets and his blanket to watch Sesame Street.

He is never too hurt to smile, though! He loves getting his picture taken - he is a big ham! - and in the next two pictures, he is saying, "Cheeeeeeeese!"

Some days I just want to eat him up, he's so stinkin' cute! It kills me!

I know as mommies, we all have days like this, but the last thing a mommy ever wants to do is hurt her baby in any way. Even though his fingers are fine, I hate that I made him cry because I didn't check before I closed the door. He is always sticking his hands in door frames and I know better than to not make sure they are out of harm's way. I hate it when I have to learn a lesson at my son's expense.

Sorry, buddy. I love you.


  1. He looks just fine in the pics...and we've all inadvertently given our children an owie or two along the way. We can't always watch where little fingers and toes go, or can't imagine how they could trip and fall without seeing something we left out in the middle of the room.

    Good thing little kids don't think like adults, and hold grudges for hurts inflicted upon them, even unintentionally.

  2. Ugh. I hate it when I do things like that. I've done similar things & I always feel like crap when it happens. :( I'm glad to hear the booboo wasn't too bad. :)

    Also? My son got a popsicle for breakfast today because he got headbutted in the mouth (by accident) by another kid at preschool. Popsicles make things better. :)

  3. Hi! I'm your newest follower from Friendly Friday!!! Nice to meet you! I've got 6 kids and have done similar things. :)

    Would love it if you'd come visit & return the favor. :)
    Lisa xoxo

  4. Little ones are so fast, I'm blocking two 3 & under. It breaks your heart every time.

  5. Ugh, I hate that. :( Those day's are the worst. Big hugs momma. I am glad he was fine and gave you those smiles.

  6. awe - we've all done it. I'm glad it wasn't too serious even if it did hurt your heart.

  7. Well Amo, I would like to say that this has never happened to me, but, well... Look, don't be too hard on yourself-things happen sometimes. Come by my site whenever you get a chance, okay?

  8. Poor things. Both of you! I know that freaked you out. Good work with magic kisses. Do you learn how to do those when you have a child? If not, I am going to need a tutorial.Haha! He is precious with that cheesy little grin!

  9. When my son was younger I accidentally tripped with him in my arms and he hit his head on the corner of a wall and in fact I was reading stories not to long ago about kids falling out of carts and getting their fingers rolled up in a car window. The kids were just fine. I know the awful feeling and blame but accidents happen. Glad your lil guy is ok :)

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  12. Oh we have all done something like that! I sat my 8 month old daughter down in her car seat and she started to scream! I thought she was just being a pill b/c she didn't want to sit...but the screaming was the kind that turned heads. So I picked her back up..a tad frustrated...only to find a bee stuck to her wee chubby leg. Sigh. People came out of the drugstore to offer help. I was very upset with myself for not knowing something was wrong with her. That kid got anything she wanted for a week. It's been 8 years, but I think I will go give her another hug right now!

  13. I think just about every mom has done that at one time or another. Sounds like you made up for it! :)

  14. Sorry, I have no advice for you, I am on the same boat! Everyday is a learning experience on the computer! Let me know if you learn any great tips though- and thanks for visiting my blog!


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