Friday, August 20, 2010

The first Super Cool Preschool Day

So, today was Max's first day of preschool - EVER! He has never been to preschool or daycare, so my husband and I were a little apprehensive about how he was going to handle being left in the hands of strangers!

We were also a little apprehensive because we know he doesn't really understand about boundaries with other kids yet since he hasn't been around a lot of other children in his short two years. He tends to hit, push, and throw toys when he gets frustrated. Oh, and pull hair.

Here he is getting ready to leave for school! He was super excited!!

Here he is next to a giant whale in our front yard. Oh wait. That's me. Not such a flattering view of my 9-months pregnant curves. Lookin' a little bottom heavy. Yikes.

Max and Daddy in the driveway!

And here is the long walk into school. Max was beside himself with excitement!! He couldn't wait to get inside.

When we dropped him off, he didn't care at all that we were leaving him. And he never cried. I've been told though that the 2nd and 3rd days are harder because by then, they know you are leaving them. So, I hope he doesn't cry next week.

When I picked him up, the teacher said he had an awesome time and he loved being at school. She also said she could tell he is a super confident, happy, no fear kinda kid because he runs and plows over things without looking where he is going during recess. She said he must have lots of bruises. I said, Oh yes.

The teachers did have problems with him hitting and pushing other kids and he even hit one of the teachers, which made me feel horrible. But, she said she thinks he will learn boundaries in this new environment and he will eventually learn what is right and wrong and how to respond appropriately.

And he didn't eat his lunch. Which was no surprise to me.

And that was Max's First Super Cool Preschool Day! Many more to go...


  1. Cool! My little one will be doing 2 ECFE classes this fall.

  2. I'm so glad day one was a success!!!! Wonderful!

  3. oh yay for Max! Sounds like a great first day. I used to assist in a two year old class. Remind yourself that they are letting you in on his day, not tattelling on him and it sounds like he is acting like a perfectly normal two year old boy. Using hands is not unusual, sure we want to teach them other ideas but it is not unusual - just remind yourself that - okay? You want him to be confident, that means you've done a fabulous job.

  4. Good job, Max! It sounds like they know exactly what to do to help Max make friends!

    Doesn't that give you the warm fuzzies, knowing you've done a great job so far?

  5. He is THE cutest thing ever and you look beautiful btw!

    I loved that look of pure excitement on his face!

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  7. So cute!! They're growing up so fast!And you look great, I think you look beautiful,all glowy and pregnant!

  8. I can't believe how cute those pictures are! How many days a week is he going? I am thinking about looking into something for jackson.

    Oh, and you look precious. :)

  9. Thanks and following you back! Surprisingly, my pregnancy was not so bad - no morning sickness, backache, etc. I totally thought that when I get pregnant, I would get it really bad. I think it will hit me for baby #2...yikes. Right now, I'm just waiting for the first contractions to start any day now (scary). Your son is just too adorable. All the best to you too! Children are such a blessing.

  10. Sounds like he had an amazing first day, and he looked so cute! I'm sure as time goes on it will just get better and better! :)

  11. Oh my gosh he is so cute standing there with his lunchbox and backpack! (I can see his grandmother and you in him...) I'm glad he enjoyed his time, and he might surprise you tomorrow too-hopefully, huh? Hope you are able to get some rest!

  12. He is a cutie. And so are you! I read these in the wrong order, so I know he's been crying now. I really hope he gets used to it soon! I've been thinking about getting Sam in preschool, but I think I might wait one more year. I don't think he's ready. He's way too much of a mama's boy. Even when we go to drop Delaney off, he clings to my legs like his life depended on it.


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