Monday, January 25, 2010

The Help Us Save Our Son's Teeth Campaign

So, my son HATES getting his teeth brushed.

When we first started brushing his teeth months ago, he was fine with it. Didn't mind a bit. Actually enjoyed it, I think.

Then, he started throwing fits when it was time to brush his teeth and would refuse to open his mouth. So, like any good clown parents, we started doing dances, playing games, and singing songs to get him to open his mouth.

It worked for a few weeks.

But now that he is the wise old age of 17 months, nothing works. The old song and dance doesn't work. Pleading doesn't work. Having him help and do it himself doesn't work.

Every toothbrush session ends in tears. And our son cries, too.

We are at a loss. Just because we are from Arkansas doesn't mean we want our son to have rotten, missing, snaggly teeth.

Has anyone else had this problem and what did you do?


  1. oooh, toothbrushing hey? Tough one.
    I remember a phase Trinity went through, and did the same thing.
    I tried everything as well, short of dancing on my head.
    Then, I let her pick out her own toothpaste, and motorized character toothbrush... and it worked. She loved pushing the button on and off, and the sound of the 'whirring" inside her mouth.
    She loves brushing her teeth, sometimes I actually have to tell her to stop. NOT EVEN KIDDING!! LOL
    Good luck, Hon ;)

  2. You might try using one of those finger brushes, or just wipe his teeth off with some gauze. He will let you as he gets used to it and gets older.

  3. I saw you posted on my blog about Jackson's tooth brush. Honestly he loves it but, once for about a week he wasn't having it anymore so we took him to pick out his own toothbrush. You wouldn't think a 18m old could have an opinion but, alas they do. :) Dora and Diego on a toothbrush renewed his love. I hope I can always keep him interested with a new toothbrush, seems like a small price to pay. Maybe this will work for you? Oh and we so play games and sing too.

  4. I agree with Susan. Use a finger brush. That worked really well for both my girls. It actually feels very good on their gums. A tooth brush may be irritating a bit his teething gums. Let us know how it works out.

  5. yep - i was going to say the exact same thing as the first and third comments - take him to pick out his own paste and toothbrush -- even at 4 1/2, my girls still want to do this - the musical toothbrushes are really a hit -- someone else i knows brushes them while he is in the tub, or right before getting out, so it's less focus on the teeth and more on the bath -- good luck girl! and thanks for putting my blog party button on your blog! i need to figure out how to link it to the blog party and not just to my blog -- who knows???
    have a good day - and get to target for a new toothbrush!!

  6. I left you a little treat on my blog today. :)

  7. I'm actually hoppin' over from mommara's! And how I remember this! My first born hated it too. He eventually outgrew it--we just had to do it tears and all! My twins, on the other hand, love it. (it's the bubble gum flavored toothpaste that they get all excited about).

    Love the name of your blog!

  8. Im going to agree with many others here. Let him pick out a brush and paste. Like a new toy

  9. oiy! I hope trying out a new toothbrush works. They can be stubborn little tykes can't they??

  10. I wish I had the answers but I'm still trying to get my husband used to the practice (-:

  11. I know where you are coming from b/c my son all of a sudden decided he didn't want to brush his teeth either. I went out and bought him a cool new Elmo toothbrush even b/c he LOVES Elmo so much. With the other boys I bought them one of those cool spinbrushes that they make for kids and they loved that. I think we might be trying that soon too. Good luck!

  12. get him one of those battery operated ones, and have him pick it out, along with some new toothpaste. They have so many charachters now he's sure to find a good one.

  13. HALLELUJAH! I'm not the only mother who sings, entertains, and stands on one foot while singing the theme song from Dora the Explorer!

    Yes, we have our share of troubles getting my 2 year old to brush his teeth.

    BTW--I nominated you for an award on my blog. Thanks for sharing your fun blog with us!

  14. Um...I just came across your blog and saw your ABOUT ME section and knew that I had to meet my new bloggy friend. We have SO much in common! I am so thrilled to be following your blog.

    Tooth brush...I would suggest an electric one. If you do not have a super cheap one at Walmart once he sees youguys having all the fun he may want to do it. I also brushed the dogs teeth and then Johnny felt left out and now he is all about the brushing of the teeth conversation ha ha

  15. Hmmm. Maybe he doens't like the mint? Perhaps you could try a kids bubble gum, or a cinnamon flavor? Goodluck!


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