Friday, January 22, 2010

Freak Out Friday

So, I got this idea from Michele at Finding Trinity. Let's all vent our freak outs for Freak Out Fridays!!

So, my goodness, I didn't think I would survive yesterday. I'll call it Toddler Terrors Thursday, or TTT.

TTT was not pretty. It is amazing how far a toddler can push you over your limits of sanity. Just give you a little push with that chubby little pointer finger and you go flying over the edge. He is only 17 months old! How does he make me crazy?

I was trying to get ready to go to the grocery store - you know at least brush my hair and my teeth so I don't look like a total over-tired, overwhelmed, mommy cliche - and my son was in the bathroom with me playing with the bar of soap from the bathtub.

He looked up at me and said, "Uh-oooooh" because he got soap all over his fingers. So, I took the bar of soap away from him and picked him up to leave the bathroom with me.

Apparently, making him leave the bathroom and the soap was like making him leave his two best friends. He became so angry that he grabbed a handful of my right cheek, and with his other hand, grabbed a handful of my hair, and he pulled and twisted with all his might. Um, ouch. It hurt! I screamed in pain, put him down, and told him, "No, you do not treat mommy like that. We don't pinch and hit other people. Hitting hurts." I'm pretty sure all he heard was, "Blah, blah, blah, blah, blah."

I continued to get ready in our bedroom (I had to rinse the soap out of my hair that he smeared in with his little death grip) when all of a sudden I heard what sounded like the dog food spilling on the floor. I ran into the kitchen to find that he had dumped out the dog's water and then dumped out the dog food all over the floor. And he was jumping around in the water and splashing like he was at a water park.
He knows better than to play with the dogs' dishes! But he was mad and doing everything in his power to find things to do that he isn't supposed to do.

Ugh! So, I cleaned and mopped the kitchen, while my son lay crying on the floor because I wouldn't let him play with the mop. Still no grocery store.

Immediately after this, a piece of my son's sippy cup came off, unbeknownst to me, so that he was able to dump out the contents. And he did. Watered down orange juice all over the living room floor. He laughed and laughed. Super.

More mopping. Still no grocery store.
Then, he found a crayon. I don't know where he found it. Who knows? I think he has a stash somewhere of things he isn't supposed to play with without supervision.
I found him drawing all over the back door (it is glass, thank goodness), after he had already drawn on the TV screen. When I told him, "No," he ran off and started drawing on the washing machine. When I ran over to him to take the crayon from him, he stuck it in his mouth and bit a piece of it off. Thank you Crayola for non-toxic crayons.

He pushed my limits all morning. He cried, I cried, he laughed, I don't remember thinking any of it was funny, and we never went anywhere. All of my energy was gone. So, we ate lunch, I put him to bed and we both took a nap!

For dinner, I tried to feed him something new: salmon, steamed potatoes and apples. He spit all three of them out and we had to resort back to fish sticks and baked fries. I don' t think he will ever eat anything but fish sticks and chicken nuggets.

So, this was my edition of Freak Out Friday. And...I made my goal of posting everyday for a whole work week! Yay! It actually wasn't that hard! The only problem was that I was so busy writing posts in my limited spare time, that I didn't get to read many of yours!! I need to catch up!

What was your freak out this week?


  1. Wow, now that sounds like some day you had! My youngest is the exact same way! He likes to do things that he knows he shouldn't and the more I say no, the more he wants to do them. Oh, and as for the food thing, he will grow out of it. My boys have gone through that stage. I had one that only ate hotdogs and another that only wanted chicken nuggets. Eventually they get over it. Good luck! I hope this next week is much better for you! :)

  2. I sure don't miss those times...but they will pass. As he learns to talk, he'll be able to tell you his frustrations - and he'll start eating more foods. And he'll learn how to sit and play with toys for more than fifteen seconds.

    Just hang in there with him!

  3. Okay the soap freak out thing... my youngest son did this yesterday in my bathroom with an old, tarnished gold necklace he found under the sink!

    Crayon on the wall? My middle son decided to write "HI" and something not legible on the bathroom wall of my men's room office bathroom! WTF?!

    My oldest son? He was a saint yesterday. Thank God for small miracles...

    Happy Friday!

  4. Yayy for posting everyday! I think three times in one week is my most ever. Ugh I may have to join this FOF I am needing to Freak out some. lol

  5. Congratulations on reaching your goal of writing engaging posts everyday. Don't know how you managed but you made it.

  6. So we went to the doctor this week for his 2 yr old well care exam and this is when they go over everything extensively about development and behavior and whatnot. My doctor told me it is the time of mirroring and that he will learn everything from you very quickly at this age (no pressure!)
    When I told him he still only really eats veggies from a jar, he said use up what I had and stop it. One of the biggest mistakes parents make at this age is that they think their children dont' eat enough especially when they are picky and they WILL be picky. So he said to treat it like at 11:00 the kitchen is open, here is your meal, if they don't eat it, too bad, the kitchen will open up again at 3:00. I would try a new thing maybe every other day and give him plenty of his favorites but he'll catch on. My doc said you should stop catering to their picky tastes now or else they will just get worse. (no pressure). It was a good visit but it left me with a lot of ideas and questions.
    Oh and we are suppose to ignore tantrums. (sigh) boy do i try.

    No big freak out for me this week but just a lot of running after him chasing the cats and diving at their heads. sigh.

    have a great weekend.

  7. Um, well, I had mine yesterday, and I don't want to go back... Besides, I am trying to think positive, happy thoughts for your tag post this weekend, but it seems you had a pretty good one today. Hope you get some rest this weekend!

  8. Okay, I need to make a "freak out survival" award just for you.
    Sounds like quite the morning!! Also sounds familiar...
    Biting off a piece of crayon cracked me right up!! Classic.
    Did I ever tell you about the time she grabbed a sharpie (Yes, the permanent kind) and drew a happy face on her "you know what" ?? Yep, took 3 weeks to wear off. LOL

    Here's hoping you have a much better weekend!!!

  9. What a good time! I've been there and can completely understand. They make you insane. And they know exactly how to do it...The other day, my 18 month old crawled up on the table and dumped my coffee out. So, while cleaning that up, said child goes into the bathroom and gets the cleaning supplies that I was using to clean the toilet. I take that away from him, and he then dips the wii remote in the dog's water dish...and on and on. :)

  10. Oh my my!!! I have had those days for sure, sooooo frustrating! I posted my own freaky Friday, too. It is kind of nice knowing that we all in this freaky thing togethah! ;)

  11. Oh baby do you have your hands full..and you still managed to post every day! You are my hero!

  12. Oh yes yes to new clothes and can I just add new shoes!
    Love your happy list:)

  13. I had to laugh... I was visualizing in my mind as it was happening.. poor you - thank goodness for
    Freak out - Fridays! Hope your day got better.

    Much love to you.

  14. toddlers are so draining! At least you got a nap out of it! I don't know how kids find things to get into, my 3 year old was in my bathroom for two minutes, and managed to scrape her fingers full of my Laura Mercier concealer!

  15. Wow, you deserve a freak out for that! You know, I really like you posting so frequently! What say you keep on with it?!!!


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