Monday, January 4, 2010

The first four days...

So, so far, 2010 has been tolerable. I'd even say pleasant. I mean, I know it's only day four, but really, just about every day in 2009 sucked, so four pleasant days in a row is big.

We spent New Year's Day lying around in our jam-jams and then ate dinner at my sister-in-law's house. On the 2nd, we layed around in our jam-jams until my husband had to go to work that night (he works at a pizza joint on weekend nights to earn extra dough...get it? dough? It's a pun. Okay, nevermind. It wasn't funny). Yesterday, I made turkey sausage and pancakes for breakfast. Then, we took our son outside to play in the snow! This is the second snow we have had here so far this winter, which is a big deal, because it doesn't snow too often here anymore. Damn global warming. Anyway, Max was sick during the last snowfall, so this was his first time!

Here are some pictures!

He could barely walk in all that gear.

Max is kinda mad in this one.

Oh, and in this one.

We don't own a sled, so my husband made one. Out of a plastic bin and some rope. Fancy. Max loved it! He laughed and laughed.

There go my two boys, up the street!

Of course, it wasn't all sunshine, lollipops and rainbows. My son threw a monster fit when it was time to come inside and warm up. He brought us his boots and tried to put his coat on by himself because he wanted to go back out. When we said no, he threw his body onto the floor and kicked and screamed. We decided to leave the room and let him throw his tantrum by himself. No energy from us given to the tantrum, so we left and stood in the hallway. Until we heard banging coming from the kitchen. We peeked around the corner and saw that he was banging his forehead against the washing machine. Still throwing one awesome tantrum. Well, I couldn't let him thrash his cute little head, so I picked him up until he basically passed out in my arms.

Later, when we took him out again after his nap, our dog, Meeko (those of you who regularly read my blog know this dog is not my favorite), was having too much fun in the snow and jumped on top of Max while he was in his makeshift sled and gave my son a bruise on his forehead and a swollen left eye. Or maybe the bruise is from the washing machine. Regardless, that dog gave my son a red, swollen eye!

I said in 2010 I wanted to be able to take more showers. I can't even remember when I took a shower last. That is how long it has been. So far, I'm falling short on that one, but I have been working to improve my attitude and have more patience with all the men in my life (including Meeko). It takes practice. So far, so good...


  1. Oh what a great post!!!
    And the makeshift sled? Classic!!!! What a great idea.
    I hear ya on the shower thing... whoever thought it would become such a luxury!
    I also hear ya on the dropping to the floor temper tantrums. Trin is 5 and still tries that every once in a while. Too funny!!

    Keep up the great work, Darlin
    You rock!!!

  2. Ahh tantrums, right now I see this with other peoples kids, I have a lot to look forward to huh! :)

    Love your pics. Glad you had fun in the snow!!

  3. Great pictures,looks like he's having fun !

  4. we took our girls up to the mountains to see snow this year too -- couldn't stand that in 4 years, they had yet to play in the snow! so mission accomplished with that. AND in terms of showering, my neighbor took izzy for a walk this AM while the others were at preschool for the sole purpose of me being able to shower! AND i even ironed the shirt that i chose to wear - that's been at least 3 years since i've actually ironed my own shirt -- never knew we'd be begging for showers!

  5. What a cutie. That "sled" looks safer than the real thing. He's gonna be an outdoorsy guy, I can just tell.

  6. Oh my, I just got the connection. You are one of Janie B.'s daughters! Man, I am thick... She posted pictures of the "golden child" on her recent blog post, and now that I look at your picture I can really tell you are mother and daughter. It is very nice to meet you!
    (BTW: good luck with Meeko...)

  7. Great pics! And I liked your dough pun! Pleasant is good! Here are to many rainbows, lollypops and rainbows in 2010! xx

  8. My kiddos are a little older and I can find time to take the shower, but they barge in every few minutes arguing over something petty. So I am clean, but angry!

    And the sled is too cute!

  9. I took a shower today. And it was good. There were two small people in it with me, but still, I am clean and shiny. Maybe not relaxed, but clean and shiny. :)

    I love, LOVE the sled! That's ingenious! So great. The pictures are cute. Looks like it was a good time. It's snowing here right now and it seems like there has been snow on the ground all winter so far. I'm loving it. I haven't taken the kids sledding yet, though. I will have to do that and now I know exactly what I can use! :)

    So glad the year has been good to you so far. Maybe, hopefully, it's a sign of things to come!


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