Monday, January 11, 2010

Guest Post on B is for Brown!

So, hey everyone!

My guest post is featured today on B is for Brown. If you haven't checked out Summer's blog yet, she is the real thing, full of stories about her struggles with infertility, her family, her friends, and moustaches!! You'll love her!

Anyway, HERE is the link to my guest post on B is for Brown!


  1. What a great post about G'ma E. You hit her perfectly...she definitely was at both ends of the a mother-in-law, too. Very sweet and generous on one end while sneaky and manipulative on the other. Gotta love her!

  2. Just read your guest post.
    What an incredible writer you are ~ seriously!!
    That was so well done, SO WELL DONE!

    What a wonderful tribute to your grandmother. She sounds alot like mine was... prune pushing, red "rouge" and all. And I too loved and respected her like no other!

    Again, beautifully written. ;)

  3. Hi I'm stopping by from MBC, I would have sworn your G and mine were seperated at birth, except for the laxative part. Mine used to make me Strawberry Cake every year for my Bday. We would pick the strawberries in the summer and she would freeze them till January, her purse and shoes always matched and as long as she was able she made her own clothes. Perfectly tailored jackets, shirts, pants and shirts all to match the purses and shoes. I lost her when I was 13 but she left a huge impression on my life.

  4. That was great! You mentioned some things I had completely forgotten about. Wow...what a woman! She will always be my idol. Such a strong woman who always got what she wanted. Strong in her convictions yet so loving and giving of herself to us. I miss the woman she was...I need her strength sometimes!!

  5. Well, we have pretty much been trying since having Sam. I guess we kind of avoided that time of the month for a year or so. I definitely know how you feel through all of this. :-( It sucks to be surrounded by all of these mega fertile people. Positive thoughts headed your way!!!

  6. How fun---going to go check it out now :)

  7. Amo, just read your guest post....FABULOUS!!!!!
    Just wanted to let you know over here also (-:

    You are a truly wonderful writer!


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