Friday, October 2, 2009

Stick with me, kid

I am such a wanker.

I am suffering from blogging guilt.

I've only written two blog entries in two weeks, I haven't been able to keep up and comment on all the blogs I read, I've been given several awards which I haven't had time to acknowledge, or pass on. I'm a blogging wanker!!

And I will continue to be a wanker because our computer is on the fritz (I'm using my mother's laptop without the mouse, so everything takes me ten times longer) and we have no idea what is it's major malfunction. My husband's brother usually rushes to our computing rescue because when the computer breaks, I am like a toddler trying to drive a car - I just bang on the steering wheel and push buttons and scream a lot until I fall out of the seat exhausted and ready for a nap.

However, my husband's brother is working in Iraq. Soooooooooooo....back to blogging guilt.

My husband starts his new job next week, so I will surely have more alone time during my son's naps to write, acknowledge, pass on, and catch up on all the lovely blogs that sustain me throughout the week. On the laptop. Thanks, Mom.

And to everyone out there is the blogosphere: I miss you.

Please stick with me!


  1. Never fear, there is always an audience in the blogosphere :) Life comes at all of us and we just have to deal with it. I'm sorry to hear you've had computer troubles, that's always frustrating when the internet feeds part of an addiction :)

    Take care of your family. I wish you the best of luck and see you soon!

  2. ah, don't worry! we won't leave you! :)

    BTW, what is your computer doing? i'm in school for computers and i could maybe figure something out for ya.

    happy friday!

  3. You've been missed! Your absence was definitely felt in my realm of the blogosphere! But I guess computer malfunctions are a good excuse...

    I hope your husband's job goes well and I hope you're back on soon! Until then...take care of yourself! :)

  4. I am so with you, it is tough to do it all, but you are doing a great job! And you will have more time to catch up before ya know it! I am impressed that you are able to comment on everyone you follow, I will try to make that a goal! Happy Friday!

  5. We miss you too! Don't worry though, we aren't leaving you! :) I hope you get the computer taken care of and it is nothing major! I always hate when my computer starts to act up!

  6. Well, I've been reading your blog for all of ten minutes now so I'm unaffected by the absence. But I like the blog so don't be too gone for too long. Oh yeah... And, hi! :)

  7. Life worries. We are all still here!

  8. It can be hard to find the time some days! Enjoy your son!

  9. your humor is too good to leave you! i love seeing what you have to say -- congrats on your husband finding a job.

  10. Hi - thanks for stopping by my blog and leaving the nice comment! This blogging thing is hard to keep up with sometimes!!! I've had a super busy week and feel like I'm missing out by not checking in on all the blogs everyday....the nice thing is that bloggers are an understanding group...they'll be there waiting.
    Have a great weekend.

  11. Oh shoot, we all go in cycles, right? No worries.

  12. girl i know the feeling!! i'm sneaking 5 minutes here and there when i can! but don't worry, we'll all be here!

  13. I am a wanker too! Looking forward to reading more posts - and best wishes to your husband on his new job


  14. No problem at all Amo:) I'm in the wankering (love that word;) stage too! Trying to get out of it! You hang in there!

  15. yay for hubby's new job!
    computer issues are so over my head. I get completely flustered if my husband so much as "upgrades' something because now it "looks different"!!!
    we will all still be here when things get settled down on your end!

  16. There's an award for you on my blog! (Don't worry, you don't have to do anything with it, just know I enjoy your blog!)

  17. You rock oh Wanky Friend! Blog when you can cuz ya make me laugh! Thanks for always leaving an encouraging word by my site too!!
    Kathy @

  18. Gosh, I am SUCH a blogging wanker! I don't understand who all these women have so much more time than I? Clearly I need to figure this out because I so love it! I'm reading through your blog now, thank you for visiting me!

  19. Hi Amy, I just stumbled across your blog from "But such is life", and i'm so glad I did. I LOVE your blog!!
    This post almost made me pee~ seriously!!!
    "wanker"... hysterical!

    And not only will everyone stick with you, but you gained a new loyal follower as well! And made it to my "cool site of the day" feature. :)



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