Thursday, October 15, 2009

Brandi Carlisle and Amy Ray vs. the Bully (i.e. Time Out for Theta Mom Thursday)

So, I was going to do my spectacular awards ceremony today with all the awards I have been given in the last month or so (nine in all, can you believe it? So stoked!), however, I thought our stupid computer was working again until I tried to pull up the internet and all I have is a local connection. And I can't figure out what is wrong. I can't download the pictures of all the awards and stuff. Soooo...once again, it will have to wait until my husband gets home from work and can fix it for me because I am computer language illiterate. I am once again on my mom's laptop. And once again, thank you Mom!

Instead, I will do the Time Out For Theta Mom Thursday! Yippee! I am a newbie to this one. I've read everyone else's on Thursdays and had hoped to be able to do my own someday and have something exciting to write about besides the one shower I get to take a week. Well, step aside shower story because Someday has arrived!

On Monday evening, I went to a concert! Not even a Wiggles concert, but one for ADULTS! I went to a local bar here in town called George's Majestic Lounge with my sister, Jill, and best friend, Liz, to see Brandi Carlisle and Amy Ray from the Indigo Girls! And I had TWO glasses of wine, which let's face it, in my twenties two glasses of wine would have been like lemonade to me, but these days, it is like drinking 5 vodka tonics. Anyway, last year, when I was about six months pregnant, I saw the Indigo Girls with my friend, Liz, and Brandi Carlisle opened for them. Both acts were absolutely amazing! This time, Amy Ray and her solo band opened for Brandi Carlisle.

The three of us stood up front the entire show. Well, actually, we tried to stand up front the entire show. But not all of us could. Why? Because of the bully.

We were to the right of the stage, right up front. Directly behind us was a tall, gigantic version of KD Lang who was VERY messed up and VERY protective of her girlfriend, who was standing next to us. She would put her arm around her girlfriend, practically falling on top of her shorter, Jewel-looking girlfriend, and block her from us, all the while pushing us further and further back with her giant elbow and staggering stance. Then, suddenly, she would disappear for a while only to show up a few minutes later and start pushing again. Um, hello, can't you see the wedding rings we are wearing? Whether we are married to a man or woman is irrelevant. We are taken and have no interest in your girlfriend.

The whole scenario got worse when Brandi Carlisle started to play. That gigantic girl must loooooooove her some Brandi Carlisle. She bullied her way in between the three of us and started inviting her friends who were in the back to come up front and stand next to her! So freaking rude. Eventually, my sister got separated from us and had to stand a few feet back. I wanted to slap that spiky flat top hair right off her head.

About halfway through Brandi's set, Liz felt ill in the tum-tum from too much brewski and I think my sister was tired of being squished in a passive-aggressive girl sandwich, so they went to the bar to sit. I, on the other hand, stayed and stood my little ground.

At some point, the bully left for a while, only to return more drunk and loud. She kept yelling things like, "Fuck yeah, dude!" and "Right on!" in my ear. I had had enough and the two glasses of wine I had were kicking in. I stepped in front of her and elbowed my way to the front up against the railing. I was proud of myself, although I don't even think she noticed. At one point, she was jumping up and down and fell on top of me. I don't think she noticed that, either.

Despite the bully, I had an amazing time! I did, however, regret the two glasses of wine the next morning when my son woke up at 7 am and I felt extremely nauseated with a pounding headache. One year olds don't sit still. Ever.

I have pictures from the evening, but like I said, I can' t download, I will add them to my next post! The picture at the top is one of my friend, Liz, and I from May.
A side note: I used to be able to drag pictures to wherever I wanted them on my blog page, but for some reason, blogspot is no longer letting me do that. So, if anyone can tell me how to move pictures around, I would greatly appreciate it. Otherwise, it will ever so slowly drive me crazy. And I don't need anything else to make me crazy...ask my husband.


  1. Thanks for joining us Amy! Aren't time-outs great?!

    I love having a girls night out! Aside from the bully is seems like you girls had a great time :)

    The body can't take alcohol like it used to but having a one year old to stalk all day while you have a pounding headache is not fun! I feel you!

    Hope you'll join us again next week. Even if it's to tell us about your one shower of the week. For my time out this week, I took a nap :P

  2. Aside from that bully, it did sound great! What's better than good music, good wine and good company? And I would love if you could link next time so others reading your blog may want to join us (just like you did)! Yay for that and yay for Time out Thursdays!!! Thanks for sharing girl! :)

  3. Thanks for the comments, guys! Theta Mom, i did link, but it was late last night when i did it because I didn't write my entry until after my son and husband went to bed! My only alone time! Argh!

  4. Brandi Carlise is one of my favorites. I saw her open for Jamie Cullen and at one of my cities Block Festivals. I do not have her newest album but I have her first two. She is really good.
    And I've loved Indigo Girls since I was 19 and all full of angst!

    I'm glad you had a good night out. I drink one glass of wine and I'm out!

  5. Sounds like a great night out, minus the big bully! That would have really ticked me off!

    Thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment on my h1n1 post! :)

  6. People like that annoy me at concerts. I'm really short, so I like the seat section where I can see and dance around without getting elbowed and sat on. lol

  7. Glad you "mostly" had a good time! It's always fun to go out with the girls...

  8. That sounds annoying, but at least you got out of the house!

    As far as moving pictures, go to edit html when you are making the post and copy the picture html, then paste it where you want it.


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