Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Stupid Karma

It is such the bad housewife cliche, but I turned six or seven of my husband's white undershirts pink. And one of his t-shirts. And some socks, too.

My head still isn't in the game and I washed them with my pink, handmade, tie-dyed, "hippie" dress, as my husband calls it. Oopsie. Sorry (spoken like Gilly from Saturday Night Live).

I am consistently out of it. I think I might have "switched off" when our roller coaster began back in July and I haven't found the "on" switch yet. Where is that danged on switch? I think it rusted.

I feel a teensy bit more at peace than I have the past couple of months. I'm thinking that our bad karma streak might be over. Hoping, hoping, hoping with fingers crossed....Although, I read my destiny cards for the next 104 days and they said if I have been holding negative patterns in work and health, in this life or the last, this is the time they will bite me in my arse, so I must keep a positive attitude in order to deal. I hope the destiny cards were kidding.

After he lost his job and my miscarriage, my husband said he must have been a bastard in his former life. I must have been a money-hungry ho. Or maybe just a ho. Stupid karma.

I have had anxiety the last couple of days because my son had his one-yr well-chld check-up today and I knew he was getting a vaccine. We only allow him to have one vaccine at a time because 1) he had a bad reaction at 4 months to the DTaP shot and we ended up in the ER because he wouldn't stop screaming and then for the next 8 days he was a totally different baby, and 2) I tend to lean toward the group of people who don't completely trust the medical community and I believe some vaccines do more harm than good and some are unnecessary and just ways for pharmaceutical companies to make more money (like the chicken pox vaccine. Hello? We all had chicken pox in the 70's and 80's and we are fine. It was another reason to get to stay home from school!).

So, pediatricians think I'm a pain. But that's okay. I don't mind. If pediatricians wishing I had never stepped into their office is the price I pay for a non-injured son, then that is fine by me. Step away with that needle.

The point is that my son didn't cry when he got his one vaccine today. He usually cries. But today, not one little tear. It was like he didn't even notice, distracted by the Elmo CD case I let him hold. I felt pretty lucky about that one. He is napping for now and I hope when he wakes up, he is still feeling fantastic. Maybe our karma is changing...now if my husband could just find a J-O-B! Perhaps it is just around the corner...


  1. Things do get better! I'm thinking of you. Tell your hubby "real men wear pink"! Btw, if it's any consolation...I'm a nurse and a pediatrician's nightmare. I don't like immunizations either, I don't think we humans should drink milk (there's more calcium in broccoli, and what other mammal drinks another mammal's milk anyway??), plus I have some interesting theories about diet and disease! I think you're smart!

  2. I am so glad that Max didn't cry getting his shots! Thanks for the encouraging comment on my post! I hope you get to feeling better! We have missed you at work!

  3. Things will turn around soon. Just tell Steve that pink is the new blue. lol

  4. I think things are already looking up! Stay positive!!

  5. I totally understand and agree with you about the immunizations. I waited for my youngest to have his first set of shots and I space them out further than the general schedule. I don't care if the peds don't like it. It's not about them but works best for our children.
    Great blog, I'm now following you. Found your blog on MBC.

    Ali from: www.OneChicMommy.com


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