Thursday, December 31, 2009

The Worst Public Tantrum Ever

Aye, yi, yi.

So, I'm not sure what has crawled up my toddler's mini britches, but lately he has been a mad dog. I mean, really hard to deal with.

I know he is entering the "I can do it by myself so get out of my freaking way" phase of todderhood. But, does that really mean he has to throw scrambled eggs at the Christmas tree and have a meltdown when I keep him from chasing the dog under the bed? Does that really mean he has to throw a tantrum when I wipe his nose so that the boogers smear across the carpet and weild the toilet cleaning brush like a sword until I try to grab it from him, which just causes him to run from the bathroom to our bedroom where he rubs the dirty, poopy, uriney, brush end all over our bed? I mean, really.

And he used to be well-behaved for a one-yr old in Wal-Mart, Target, places like that. I say "used to be" to indicate that he isn't anymore. Not after yesterday.

So, yesterday's trip to Wal-Mart started out rocky from the get-go. Max has begun a new "bye-bye" routine which includes kicking his legs and screaming when I try to buckle him in his car sear. He wants to buckle himself into his car seat. Problem? He is one year old and can't do it. Those buckles are baby-proof for a reason. But, if we want to go anywhere, I have to start the car, so eventually I take over and buckle his car seat. Meltdown.

So, from the beginning, he was crying. When we get to Wal-Mart, I put him in his stroller and he starts screaming and kicking his legs again. This time, I have no idea why. It is one of those mystery cries which have driven mommies all over the world to drinking. But, I figure he will quit once we get inside, so I keep going.

I enter Wal-Mart on the produce side, right in front of all the registers, cashiers and the people waiting in line who have nothing better to do than stare at the woman with the tortured toddler. He is just screaming louder now. I am thinking, "Oh, nightmare of nightmares, please make it stop. If I take him out of his stroller and carry him, maybe his head will stop spinning like Linda Blair."

Boy, I was wrong. When I tried to take him out of his stroller, he screamed louder, if that was possible, and started kicking his legs and pushing against my face with his little fists. His legs were stuck under the tray table on his stroller and I was pulling and pulling while he tried to punch my head off my body. A man walked by and said, "Is he mad or is he mad?" Yes, he's mad. If you couldn't tell.

By this point, my face was bright red and I refused to look up and see how many people were staring at the scene we were making. But, I wasn't going to let him win. I wasn't going to leave completely defeated and humiliated. I was at least going to get some of the things on my list. Whatever I could carry while carrying my son and pushing his stroller. I must have looked totally out of my mind.

Well, turns out all I could carry was orange juice, a jar of lil' sausages, and fruit strips. Forget the toilet paper. Forget the eye make-up remover. My son was starting to scare people. They were peeking around the ends of aisles to look at us.

So, I left, after the check-out girl commented on my son's runny nose, like I didn't know he had one. My son cried all the way home and the minute we walked into the house, it was like none of it ever happened and he was the happiest little bugger you've ever seen.

So, did he win? I don't know. Let's call it a tie.


  1. OMG, You poor thing, I know just how frustrating that is! This is a stage all children experience. This time next year I will be going through this very thing with my little one as I did with his brother and sister before him.
    I remember before I had kids I would see children falling out and or misbehaving and be so judgmental of the parent but now I have experienced it and I feel bad for the parent when ever I see it.
    When my oldest kid went through this I would feel so embarrassed in the stores when he acted out. Now, three kids later, sad to say I could care less what anyone thinks lol. When my 2yr old falls out in the store I ignore her and continue my shopping!
    Sending you positive vibes and strength to help you through this phase and I hope it passes quickly.

    Have a Happy New Year!

  2. By the way you totally won this one. The mere fact that you were able to stay calm through all of that in my book says you won!

  3. Have you thought of shopping without him? Stores are big places, with lots of unfamiliar faces. And we tend to stay longer than kids would like.

    I used to do all my grocery shopping after the kids went to bed. Dad just made sure they slept soundly.

    It was a lot more stress-free, all the way around.

    Perhaps when he's able to interect with people better, you can take him shopping.

  4. I'm with Ali on this one, You TOTALLY won You stayed calm, and didn't make a mad dash back to the car.

    And I too could care less what anyone thinks. Really, who cares.
    I remember one time Trinity freaked out so bad(in Walmart, no less) that she threw herself to the floor, kicking and screaming until she started to choke. It was thankfully near the checkout isle, so I grabbed myself a magazine and calmly read about Brad and Angelina until she was done. LOL
    You did great!!
    Happy New Year, Darlin ;)

  5. UGH! I hate when people comment like we have no earthly idea the baby is crying and we aren't dying inside and embarrassed like crazy!!
    I fear my toddler entering this stage, I suppose it's only a matter of time. But I agree that you won this battle!

  6. Thanks for all the supportive commens, guys!! I really appreciate it!

  7. Love your heart! I feel for you! When Alex started this phase, I started taking his fave snack to the store with us and he ate while I shopped. It worked for him, Cara not so much. But after going to the store without her for about a month, when I tried again she was much better about the whole thing.

    And I have to agree with the others, great job staying calm!

  8. You won my friend! Those little people will try and push every button you's like it's their job:)

  9. Julee told me to come read this. You have no idea how much better it made me feel. We are in a temper tantrum stage at our house and I am at a loss as to what to do. Thank you for sharing. It really made me feel not alone.

    I say you win! :)

  10. I remember those days and I feel for you!


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