Wednesday, December 2, 2009

I think I just spent thirty minutes writing a post and said nothing of value.

So, hi! Hello! I'm still here! Anybody out there? Helloooo?!

I haven't written anything since last Wednesday! Eight days ago! Thanksgiving broke up my routine and I'm just gettin' back into the swing of this thing called "my life in the lap of luxury" or as I like to call it when I'm mad at my husband for not ever finishing the touch-up paint in our house (he hasn't picked up a paint brush in two years), "home crap home."

Okay! So, not much has happened this week. I was sick Sunday and Monday with a tummy ache and I was very gurgly. Ick. And...............................(drum roll please)..........................

that's it. I'm so boring. That's all I've got. I'm so embarassed. Although, I have won new awards lately and if I can ever get my act together and get my son to make his own lunch and put himself to bed and wipe the poo off his own bootie, then I will post and pass on.

Or maybe I could just stay up way past my bedtime and do it. Truly, I'm surprised I am even getting to write this post. I expected my husband to come in five minutes ago and pull me off the computer to take over the child-rearing. Every time I hear his footsteps, I start to panic.

I did want to pass on these pictures though. Our poor dog, Meeko, has been neglected since we became parents. He is just so loud and hyper and rambunctious! We have to keep him away from our toddling son because he knocks him over. Seriously, he has knocked Max over twice now and both times resulted in a bonked head and lots of tears.
(Oh no! My husband just asked me to get off the computer and help put our son to bed! Panic has set in!)

So, the other day, I wouldn't let Meeko go back to our bedroom where his bed is because I didn't want him to wake up our son, who was napping in the next room. Meeko's toenails sound like someone hammering nails on our wood floors, plus he barks and runs like a maniac up and down the hallway. I was doing laundry in the kitchen (because our washer and dryer are IN the kitchen...I don't know either) and I thought he could stay in there with me.

The only problem: my son ended up taking an unusually long nap. Three hours to be precise. And Meeko was getting tired because laying around all day torturing our little dog, Pia, and peeing in the hallway, can get exhausting. So, he improvised.

Yes, he is inside of the hamper. Even his back legs. And he slept there happily ever after. Maybe he is smarter than we think. Nah, I don't think so.


  1. Love that picture. That's riot. My dog couldn't get his fat hindend up that high if he tried. Not even for food could he step that high. And that's saying a lot.

    Actually, for not saying anything, you said a lot. You mentioned the kid, the husband, the dogs...peeing in the hallway, booties and toenails. Really, that's all very exciting.

    And I'm glad you're feeling better.

    Why can't men put children to bed by themselves? Is that so hard?

    And while living in the old farm house my husband had, our washer was in the kitchen. And the dryer was in the dining room. Very convienient. Very.

  2. ...convenient...

    I hate that word. It's like vaccum. Or vacuum. Whatever.

  3. Ha! Poor Meeko! So neglected! Love that picture.

  4. awe soooo cute!

    darn husbands. mine likes to come into the kitchen and mess it up right after i've spent 20 minutes cleaning up. grrrrrrrrr....

    here's my new URL, i changed it, so i don't know if i'll show up on your dashboard:


  5. My husband does this too! (In fact, I was on and he was trying to usher our two to bed when he gave me the look, so I got up, tucked, kissed, rubbed backs, then ran back to my computer. I mean, I'm doing important stuff commenting on the blogs I like...

    Your dog is hilarious-what a baby!

  6. Aw! Poor Miko!

    In lieu of actual blog content I just posted a bunch of pug pictures. At least you had something to sort-of say.

  7. That picture made me crack up!! Too funny! Sweet little Meeko just doesn't know what to do with himself.

  8. Too funny! But I think he needs a bigger basket!

  9. I sooo get the panic feeling of when you know your "free time" is almost up and hubby will be coming around the corner. It's usually about the time I sit down to begin my "free time" when it's over!

    BTW,..I think I could sleep inside a laundry basket too. Sleep is sleep!

  10. Awww.. Meeko is so cute he reminds me of spud mckenzie!
    I have an award for you on my blog!

  11. that is the sweetest picture of your dog -- they just want comfort - we have an 8 year old lab who acts the same way - he just wants to be one of the kids and loved as equally as them - with the dog, the three girls and my husband, i often say i am a mom of 5!

  12. and rereading my post, my dog is a she, not a he...hmmm, i need to work on that loving her equal part! poor dog!

  13. Did your dog really sleep there all night? Cute picture and nice to see you back. :)

  14. Lovin the picture!! Way funny.

    I hear ya on the break up in the routine. It wasn't thanksgiving up here, so I don't even have a good excuse.

    Anyway, glad you're back. Missed your posts.
    Great post though, not boring at all!

    Glad you're feeling better!

  15. Glad you are back! I totally relate to panicking at being pulled off the computer too. Meeko is adorable!

  16. I forgot to tell you how much I love this picture of Meeko! He is just so funny!!


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