Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Food Shmood.

So, really, I don't know how my almost 16-month old son survives on the small amounts of food he eats every day.

Last night for dinner, he ate one fish stick and about a tablespoon of potatoes. That's it.

He spits out every vegetable (except potatoes, and really, do those count?), he doesn't eat any fruits except bananas and blueberries (and that is because I hide the blueberries in his oatmeal). He usually won't eat meat unless it comes breaded. Any healthy meats that come breaded? Any animals born breaded? None that I can think of.

How does he have so much energy? Where does it come from? He hardly eats. Isn't food supposed to be fuel for our bodies? Didn't we learn that in like second grade? From Slim Goodbody?

That guy always kind of freaked me out.

Anyway, so how does he have the energy to dig into the dog food thirty times a day, or climb on the dining room chairs, or run from room to room like he's running from a fire, or chase the dogs until they are wimpering for mercy, or dump out the trash cans, or wiggle until he has broken free from his highchair, or push over the humidifiers and dance a jig in the water that is now flowing across the floor?

When is the down time? Do little boys not EVER just wanna chillax with some Sesame Street, feet propped up on some nesting blocks, sippy cup of milk in hand, hand down the front of his tiny pants, remote guarded like the Holy Grail? Aren't they supposed to emulate their fathers? Hasn't he seen my husband watching UFC? The History Channel? Spike TV?

Honestly, I can't eat enough food to keep up with him. I am constantly hungry. This kid amazes me. How a child can thrive on yogurt and applesauce, I'll never understand. But, somehow, he is growing. He is in the 95% for height. How is this possible?

My husband tells me not to worry so much and that he won't just eat grilled cheese sandwiches and scrambled eggs forever. But, I'm his mommy. Hello? Isn't it my job to worry whether or not he is eating enough of the right kinds of foods? Or eating enough period?

How much do your kids eat?


  1. 1. No. Little boys never, ever just want to relax. Ever ever ever. Or so goes my experience, anyway!

    2. I can't eat enough to keep up with my kids either. I'm constantly starving and weigh less than I did in high school.

    3. Your husband is right, don't stress about the food thing. If he's growing, and whatever little food he ingests has some sort of nutritional value, you're all good (speaking as the mom who obsessed about the same thing when my first was a toddler)

  2. that Slim Goodbody guy used to scare the crap out of me!!!!!

    when you think about it, we're supposed to eat meals that are the size of our fists, your little guy has a little fist, won't take much to fill it.

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  4. oops..accidentally signed in with a diff. account.

    I feel you! My son is going through the exact same thing-he is almost 16 months old. Right now he is giving us the 'ol headshake and hides his head in the cloth of the highchair whenever we give him food he used to gobble up willingly. Don't get it. But he's a toddler-they're a total mystery! Hopefully they'll grow out of this stage

  5. Haha. That guys always freaked me out too. Have no fear my 18 month old also eats bites and small portions a day. I guess they are just to busy to stop? Once the hit the eat everything in sight phase I am sure we will be wishing these days were back.

  6. I remember worry about the same thing. I still worry and mine are 10 and 8 apparently surviving on the odd bit of meat with some veg hidden in it, milk and a whole lot of fruit! Somehow they get what they need:)

  7. Slim Goodbody! Lol...didn't we use to love that guy? Too funny! I look forward to seeing little Max next week!

  8. I remember Slim Goodbody! Man is human body tights-yuck! No one can tell you to stop worrying about what your son eats or doesn't eat because it's hard-wired into us. I can tell you that kids constantly go in and out of stages when it comes to food-liking this then not liking it, eating all then eating hardly any. The doctor told me (after one of my many frantic calls about how little my kids were eating)that they will eat when they are hungry and they know when to stop.

  9. okay, first of all Slim Goodbody came to my elementary school and I was so traumatized by him. I think I have PTSD just from looking at that picture! He was FREAKY!!
    I hear ya on the food. Somedays Max will eat a TON and somedays nothing but air. We are vegetarian so I can't speak to any meat,but honestly a veggie cheeseburger and some applesauce is like the only thing I know he will eat every time.
    Except for tonight when he refused even that. ugh.

  10. My son is the pickiest eater ever! I have tried everything but he is long since immune to my food tricks and nourishment manipulation.

    But that doesn't stop me from trying. Hello...Mom here! (-:

  11. Funny - that is very creepy..lol. My daughter was and still is the same way... eats like a bird but will run circles around everyone and is very healthy.... wish I had the energy.

    Love to you.

  12. Ok...I've never seen that guy before and now I'm afraid I'm going to have nightmares. Creepy. CREEPY.

    And on to the food...that's a very valid question and I have no idea. My kids pick and pick at their food. They never like what I cook, never eat what I make. It's so frustrating. I have no idea how they've survived this long on what they don't eat. Maybe they sneak down into the kitchen at night and prepare themselves their own meals? THat's my theory.


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