Saturday, September 12, 2009

Working and Exterminating from Home

So, ladies, and my one gentleman follower. I have a slight plea. In exchange, I will share two phenomenal uses for baby powder, besides booties.

Irresistible offer, right?

I was hoping some of you might have some work-from-home ideas you would like to share. I know, I know, wouldn't we all like a genius work-from-hom idea, and if you did have one, you'd probably be workin' it yourself. But, hey. It doesn't hurt to ask.

With my husband being unemployed, but hopefully on the downhill slide, skidding toward EMPLOYMENT, I need to earn an income, albeit possibly small, from home. You know, to help out and ways other than my weekend part-time job; washing, folding, hanging and putting away the laundry; dressing, changing, playing with, and feeding our son; mopping and vacuuming; cleaning the bathroom, cleaning the kitchen, dusting, grocery know, all that piddley stuff. During those two too-short hours that I get to myself while my son naps, and those few hours after my son goes to bed, I need to be joining the WAHM workforce. Because, frankly, I just don't have enough to do.

I can' t sew, so no homemade purses or winter wear on Etsy for me. Should have paid more attention in those home ec classes. Dangit.

So, any suggestions are greatly appreciated and I am open to anything within legal limits, although I'll let you know if I get desperate. However, that might be a topic for a whole different set of bloggers.

And thank you in advance. Thanks to all of you for reading, commenting, and keeping me sane with this window to the outside world.

And now for my part of the bargain. Even if you don't have any suggestions for me, you can keep reading without guilt. I'm still happy to share my bp tips with you and I would love to hear anything you have to say, whether it be about working from home, baby powder, or why anyone cares about the size of Kim Kardashian's boo-tay.

Tip #1: I don't know about you guys, but I don't get a chance to wash my hair NEAR as much as it needs it. Showers are golden around here and hard to come by. Somehow, hair washing gets forgotten like pedicures and make-up.

I have blond hair...well, okay, it's not really naturally's highlighted...but don't tell anybody. And sometimes it looks, well, not so blond because of a little, teensy, weensy, tiny thing called grease. Yes, I said it. Sometimes my hair is GREASY!!

Step in baby powder. Sprinkle a little on the roots, rub it around or brush it around with one of those forgotten make-up brushes, and voila. Fresh, clean hair. It works until I can get a moment to myself to use soap. This probably won't work if you have dk. brown or black might just look like you fell into a ashy fireplace. But it works great for gray, white, blond, dirty blond, and light brown hair.

I hope those of you with dark hair don't feel cheated.

If so, this next tip is for all hair types.

Tip #2: My mother taught me this, so it's gotta be good. Every tip your mother gives you is golden, right?

Those of you who have read my previous posts know that I have an ant problem in my kitchen. Ugh. I have tried many ways to off them, but those little cockroach wanna-be's eventually return everytime. My husband calls me a homicidal temptress because of all my insect genocide schemes.

However, finally, a solution that involves no post-homicidal guilt or dangerous chemicals on my countertops.

Baby powder.

If you can find the point of entry for the Anthill Marching Band, then sprinkle the baby powder there and it keeps them from coming in. I'm no expert or anything, but I suppose it has something to do with their tiny legs not being able to walk through the powder. All I know is that it works. At least temporarily.

Our ants were sneaking in through the corner of the window sill above our sink. So, in between the glass and the screen, we poured little mounds of baby powder. Voila. Bye, bye ants. They were absent for two whole weeks until we left an ice cream container lid in the sink overnight, which proved to be a great motivator for those little bastages and we found several in the sink by morning. Those tiny ninjas must have built tiny catapults and launched their way over the powdered mounds. And I understand. I'd do just about anything for ice cream, too.


  1. Sorry the ants came back. But more sorry that you have to work.

  2. Well, since you're familiar with a dental office have you ever considered being like a virtual secretary? I use to work from home and cooridnate the dentist/hyg schedules for a dentist. I was able to do it all from home via my computer. You'd be doing things like confirming appts and so on. OR

    have you ever considered eBay? Here's a great site to check out if you have any intrest at all: When my husband lost his job it paid the mortgage and the bills for a while until we got back on our feet. You know I'd be willing to share all I know if you ever needed me.

    You can also participate in focus groups. I am involved in one called "Focus Pointe." Basically you attend focus meetings and give your opinion. They pay you on the spot. They also have some that you can do online. It wouldn't pay the mortgage of course but could give you some quick cash. The meetings are usually an hour long and pay anywhere from $50-$75.
    My real only advice would be don't do anything that required high start up costs.

    Good luck and I'm still keeping my fingers crossed that your hubby finds a job soon. I KNOW how completely stressful it is.

  3. Oh my gosh you have me laughing with your ant visual! LOL Michelle from Waddlers and Toddlers sent me over and I'm so glad she did! I don't think I've ever heard the word... What was it?... "Bastages" before! ROFL Thanks again!

  4. You should have charged for you baby powder tips...see, right there you could have had some extra money. I would have paid just for the visual of the ant catapult... :)

    Oh, you could always sell yourself? It worked for Julia ROberts and I'm pretty sure you could do that at home after the kid is in bed.

    Ok, I have no idea. I'm in the same boat although I have a cake making/decorating thing that I've been doing and that brings in a little money. Can you bake? It's quite surprising what non-bakers will pay for baked goods. :)

    Good luck

  5. Hey! As an assisted blonde I knew the BP tip for that freshly washed hair look and have had to use it on occassion...lifesaver!! I did not know about the ants.

    Wish I had some great out of the box idea for you for working at home. One thing I have started doing...selling my kids clothes on a local Moms site. Every little bit helps right.

    On a different note, I left an award for you over at my blog!

  6. Shoot, you have the patience of a saint. I'm all about the chemicals and instant death.

  7. Your ant problem sounds like my sisters house. I'll have to pass on the tip to her. I'm sure she will be VERY grateful. :) Love your blog! I'm following! Come visit me too.. :)

  8. Ok. About the work at home thingy...I have a home biz myself and I've been doing this uh...5 years in October. It wasn't easy to start, but then again what business is? Have you thought about Avon? I know some people who sell Avon and are making a killing. But like everything lots and lots of time needed to make it work. What about freelancing writing articles for online mags? You definitely have a knack for writing and I'm sure there is someone out there somewhere looking for someone just like you?

  9. What about becoming a consultant for one of those companies like Pampered Chef? My sis-in-law sells for Silpada and she seems to like it and makes decent money. You have to do parties out of the home, though.

  10. first off - you are hilarious - is there a way to have virtual coffee together? you make me laugh!
    3rd tip for baby powder -- takes the sand off the kids bodies at the beach -- works so well - granted they end up leaving looking like casper the ghost but it leaves the sand at the beach instead of in your car!
    i am trying to get in touch with to be a rep for them - not so much luck with getting them to call me back - but look at their clothes and you might be sold! so adorable -- it works like the pampered chef type job.
    take care!

  11. Well... I learned something new! I'm afraid I had to go back to work so I don't have any advice for you on making funds from home, but I like your blog and your advice and I wish you the very best of luck!

  12. I'm going to add my two cents as the only male follower. That's right, once again I bravely go as the only male in the land of women.

    Check out

    find your city and then it gets more specific. Apply to write a column for them based on where you live. You get paid based on the number of hits your articles recieve. My brother in law is doing it and just turned me on to it a little while ago. You're writing anyway, try to get paid for it. Good luck


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