Monday, July 12, 2010

Pregnancy Pic

So, I didn't have enough time to write my Money Monday post today. I didn't have time to finish ANYTHING I started all day long. I spent the day trying to keep my toddler off the dining room table, trying to keep him from throwing toys in the toilet, trying to keep him entertained long enough to do a load of laundry or start the dishwasher, but none of it happened. Ah, well. Just another day in mommytown.

So, instead, here is the pregnancy picture I promised. I am now 30 1/2 weeks. This is the first picture I have taken in this pregnancy. Oops! I took many more with my first, but now I am so busy that I haven't even thought about chronicling this pregnancy in pictures.

Write more soon! Peace!


  1. You are so cute pregnant! Looks like you're all tummy and that's a good thing...

  2. Oh my goodness. You are so precious pregnant! :) Check back all week the giveaway's are just getting better!

  3. OMG. You seriously look like a supermodel.

  4. Words are not living in dictionary. Words are living in mind.............................................................

  5. Beautiful!!!!!! you look absolutely fantastic :)

  6. You are absolutely beautiful. Pregnancy did not look that good on me, that's for sure!

    How are you feeling? Everything going OK?


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