Monday, November 9, 2009

TV Turmoil

So, yesterday was supposed to be "family day."

By the end of it, this is how we all felt:

Crazed and exhausted and ready to commit homicide.

Now that my husband has started his new job, he works long hours during the week and when he gets home, he does more work on the computer until around 10 pm. So, the weekend is the only time we have to hang.

We decided Sunday would be our day. We were going to take our son to the park, buy our son his first pair of walking-around shoes, spend the gift certificates that my husband got for his birthday and buy him some new work shirts. Yay!

Not so "yay." We never made it to the park, the shoe department in Sears was chaos and my husband decided AFTER WE WERE ALREADY THERE that he would rather us buy our son some second-hand shoes because he will grow out of them soon. The only thing we managed to do was buy my husband some shirts and fight and get on each other's nerves the ENTIRE day.

It was an icky, icky day.

So, I thought, "Hey, I'm gonna wind down, lay in bed and embrace the ole' boob tube to relax and shake off this day."

Now, we all know that Sunday nights are crap nights for late-night tv. My fave, David Letterman, isn't on. None of the talk shows are on. Sunday nights are for infomercials and B-movies. Sometimes, I will watch the Silent Movie Sunday Nights on the classic movie channel. But last night, I thought I would peruse my options.

Let me tell you, if I wasn't already depressed when I got in bed, I definitely was after I turned on the TV. Holy Mackerel! Everything I turned to was either sad or violent or trashy.

Here is a rundown of just some of the scenes I encountered:

BET: a Feed the Children infomercial. This made me cry immediately, seeing the emaciated children crying with flies on their faces. So, I turned.

The History Channel: an animation of someone stabbing someone else and blood pouring out. Click.

ABC Family: someone crying. Click.

Spike: some Law and Orderish show about a rape. Click.

MSNBC: a show about sexual predators. Click.

FOX: someone talking about an abortion procedure. Click

TruTV: a story about a murder. Click.

HLN: Toxic Bachleor Alerts on Showbiz Tonight. I don't need a "news" show to tell me that Bobby Brown and Jon Gosselin are toxic bachelors. Some ladies might, which is depressing in itself. Click.

Nick at Nite: The Nanny with Fran Drescher. Now, tell me that show doesn't depress you?

TVland: Finally, an old episode of Roseanne! Oh crap. It is one of the last ones before the show was cancelled. You know, the ones after they won the lottery and when Dan and Roseanne were separated. Nobody liked those episodes. Click.

The Disney Channel: Billy Ray Cyrus trying to act. Depressing. Click.

Vh1: Tool Academy. I'm depressed that a show like this exists.

The Weather Channel: hurrican coverage

CNBC: a story on greed in the medical community. Again, I don't need a tv show to tell me I am being robbed. The fact that we can't afford health insurance is a good enough indication.

TNT: the scene in the movie King Kong when he gets shot down off the building and plunges to his death. Seriously. I turned to this channel right when he was being murdered. Depressing. Click.

QVC: Christmas fun that I can't afford. Click.

Seriously, if it wasn't for me finding The Andy Griffith Show on CBS, I might have jumped out our bedroom window and gone running into traffic, all the way devouring a snack-size Snickers in one hand and a carton of ice cream in the other.

Even on The Andy Griffith Show, Andy and Helen were sitting in the patrol car having an argument. It seemed to be everywhere around me. So, what did I do?

I marched straight into the office and started my own fight with my husband. So there, TV. I can create drama too.


  1. Thanks for leaving a commment on my blog! I really appreciate it.

    Ya know...I am thinkin almost every show on tv beat The Nanny! LOL. I have had way too many days like the one you mentioned. I hate when you want to unwind and you find on tv is junk. THis is why I love my dvr. Did you ever get the shoes? LOL.

  2. I'm sorry that your day didn't go as planned. Would it be bad for me to say that I really got a good laugh out of your synopsis of all the Sunday night shows. You have a real knack for writing and I really enjoy reading your blog!

  3. oh no. what a bad day you had! i'm sorry {{{hugs}}} i hope it has passed and this week will be fabulous, like you all deserve. you have such a cute family!

  4. After I finally had a chance to sit and relax last night, I was all about Lifetime! I love those movies! And, even after having a bad day bickering with the husband, those movies have a way of making you forget your own troubles.

  5. Bad tv is probably what led me to blogging. And good for you for making your own drama! I love a girl who can fill her time creatively!

  6. Don't you hate when you finally get a minute to sit down to watch tv and there just isn't anything on? I hate that! Funny that you picked a fight with hubby instead...ha ha! :)

  7. I watched the Amazing Race at 8 pm last night. After that, I turned off the tv too. I totally feel your Sunday night tv pain and if my husband had been home from work at that time, I would have fought with him too. ;)

  8. UGH! there is never anything on tv, although I love the old episodes of Roseanne too. The first night home from the hospital with my newborn daughter, there was a marathon of Roseanne...I watched it for SIX HOURS since she wouldn't sleep!!

  9. Love the picture! What a cutie!

  10. You know what? This is the exact reason I've given up on watching main-stream television - I don't know if having kids has made me more thin-skinned, but ever since my oldest was born, I just can't bear to watch anything that has dark or depressing subject matter.

    My television consumption these days consists of children's cartoons and whatever my hubby and I decide to rent from Netflix - AFTER I've carefully dissected the ratings and read a million online reviews, of course. Just to keep the bases covered. ;)

  11. Some how your venting is always really clever and funny. I laugh my ass off.

    and i can totally relate. we don't take my husband outside...especially to shopping establishments.

  12. This is hysterical!!! I always watch tv while falling asleep at night. It's a terrible habbit b/c I end up staying up way too late b/c I have to see how the Lifetime movie ends. Did she really sleep with her best friends husband and then get plastic surgery to hide her identity?

    Sadly, I'm afraid we are about to cancel the cable in the upstairs bedroom. Guess I'll never know how that plastic surgery turned out!

  13. LOL Figures...when you finally have time to decompress in front of the TV there is nothing on! With my luck I always end up watching some 20/20 Dateline 60minutes thing and then it is TP BE CONTINUED! I never see the second half~

  14. LOL! I can't stop whistling The Andy Griffith theme song

    Hope you laid off the M&M's -harsh violent words have fewer calories.

    On second thought, with TV lacking in all flavor...what's a girl to do?

  15. Oh ya we've had those days too...frustrating isn't it uggghhh And the TV thing!!! Isn't it awful these days?!? One violent depressing sex filled disgusting show after the other...where have all the "good" shows gone??

    I'm following you now also. :) And hopefully next Sunday you guys will have a fun day...

  16. good morning gorgeous!

    i have something for you over at my place :)

  17. You are too funny!! Hang in there!
    Mama Holli

  18. I have an award for you too. It's my newest post.

  19. when all else fails i watch a movie starring will ferrell

    although those aren't always child appropriate

  20. Don't you hate days like that? It always seems like the more it's anticipated, the more we argue. I hope his job is going ok. Sounds like a lot of hours.

    Yeah, what was up with those Roseanne episodes? They were terrible. Maybe that's why I don't watch tv. It's always depressing. Even when I'm alone, I find myself turning the kid's channel on. I love, love Phineas and Ferb. :)

  21. again, i am cracking up. you belong on stage girl! so true about tv these days -- i listen to "spa" channel on our syrius station all day long - i can't handle the news - especially out here in murder-town LA!
    i think you'd have fun doing this -- -- i can already see how hysterical your choices would be


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