Monday, November 23, 2009

Are You There God? It's Me, Amy.

So, I know I said I wasn't going to think about any of my problems this weekend and blah, blah, blah, but really? I am a control freak and hate not having control over any of my current circumstances. I'm not too great at "going on faith" or "letting go and letting God." I hang on for dear life until my knuckles are white and bleeding.

So, last night, I decided to pray for guidance to come to me in my dreams, for God and the angels to guide me on whether or not to have my second endometriosis surgery or wait a few more months and keep trying to get pregnant...guidance for ideas on how I can be a work at home mommy and ease the financial burden on my to find affordable heath insurance...guidance on how to be peaceful and to finally discover my life purpose.

And when I awoke this morning, ready to bask in my new knowledge, ready to interpret God's message from the night before, I lay in bed and thought about my dream.

And realized I don' t think God heard me right.

Because last night I dreamed I was having sex with a Chinese man because I was a polygamist and he was one of my three husbands.

That was the whole dream. That's it.

Unless my purpose is to hook it in the personals on Craig's List or move to Utah and marry into one of those Big Love-type families, then...

I definitely don't think God heard me right.


  1. hahaha...alright sorry...i shouldn't laugh but the dream was funny. There has got to be an interpretation in it somewhere. lol

  2. I just don't know what to say to that dream....hmmm...

    I've had stranger. :)

  3. Hahaha. That made me giggle. Ah. Maybe God's just teasin you!

  4. well that just sucks.

    maybe he's given you the just have to discover it on your own?

    hang in there hun. you'll find your answers soon!


  5. That is a funny dream!! Maybe the lesson here is to just LAUGH!!! No worries!!! Just let go and have fun!! Go eat some good chinese food while you are at it!!! Be patient for He has a plan!
    Mama Holli

  6. Better have your messages from God delivered another way... :)

  7. Ah ha ha. Now that's an interesting message if I've ever heard one!

  8. What?!?! What a nutty dream! Maybe God is just trying to distract you from all that's going on in your head, and lighten your mood until everything gets figured out. Hope you relax and enjoy the holiday!

  9. Ok, your dream was a lot more bizarre than mine. I think I need to know the interpretation to yours much more than I need to know mine. LOL

  10. ...ok that was a strange one! Beats me selling my dogs fur that I vacuum out from the carpet for a 1000 bucks a bag. Weird huh?

  11. It wasn't bloody or gory, at least. That's an improvement. So, how is sex with a Chinese man??? Ha!

  12. Hmmmm....that is a brainbuster. Maybe it means you need to adopt a chinese baby? LOL. Funny :)

  13. Oh geez. This made me laugh out loud. I hope he hears you tonight.

  14. How was polygamy?? Hmmmm...I always have a hard time remembering that sometimes when I pray and I don't get the answer I want or the answer as soon as I want...the answer is WAIT. That being said, I'm not so good at it.

    Hope you have a lovely Thanksgiving! Come visit my site and get my pumpkin pie recipe...your family would thank you. I imagine you could make like a pumpkin custard without crust. I don't think it has any other gluten in it. Might be really yummy!

  15. I had a dream similar to that...funny.
    Great sense o humor
    Much love to you.

  16. oh this made me laugh so hard:)
    Thanks for stopping by the other day!
    Happy Wednesday!

  17. Gobble Gobble! Happy Thanksgiving! :)

  18. Once again you manage to surprise me with how good-humored you are in the face of hard times. As to whether or not the answer will come to you in dreams, it eventually may... or maybe The Powers that Be are just trying to keep you busy until they're ready to spill the beans.

    Regardless, try your best to stay happy and upbeat - you've had so much to deal with over the last few months that you really, really deserve to just kick back and be happy. Thinking of you and your family this Thanksgiving!

  19. My the meaning of the dream was to laugh and have no worries because everything will be ok. God definitely heard you he always does!

    When times are rough it's hard to remember all the good things we still have. Try to enjoy the holiday with your family tomorrow because it is a blessing to have them!

    Wishing you and your family A very Happy Thanksgiving!

  20. Ok, I couldn't help it. I googled your dream and it says you are longing to express your sexual urgers,....hmmm. Go Amo! Maybe your hot mamma self is trying to break out or maybe God just has a funny sense of humor!..or maybe you've watched "The Karate Kid" too many times.

    At least you were getting "lucky" in your dream!


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