Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Patrick Dempsey! Don't Leave Me!

So, I have never felt so relaxed, so confident, so sure of myself. I love my life. Everyday is romance and smiles and big, deep-bellied laughter.

Patrick Dempsey is in love with me, you know. You know, Patrick Dempsey from "Grey's Anatomy" and "Can't Buy Me Love?" He is obsessed with me, actually.

We met at the video store/steak house where he is a manager on his days off from filming. I walked into the backroom and it was love at first sight. He smiled that Doctor McDreamy smile and we melted into each other. Our romance moved quickly and we became inseparable.

One afternoon, he surprised me and said he wanted me to meet one of his co-workers. His "co-worker" turned out to be his father who he wanted to be there when Patrick asked me to marry him! He had even thought to invite my sister! What a sweetheart!

So, yes, we are engaged now. Such a whirlwind romance! Steak houses, flowers, professions of unending, everlasting love. Who could ask for more? We have no kids, no responsibilities. Just the two of us, looking into each other's eyes for eternity.

Oh, look! There is my ex-boyfriend with his child bride!

Helllooo! Yeah, how are you doing? Good? Oh, great. Well, in case you didn't know, I am engaged to Patrick Dempsey. You know, Patrick Dempsey from "Grey's Anatomy".

(what is that scratching sound?)

It is so nice to meet your teenage bride. Isn't it almost her bedtime? Well, I must run if I am going to meet my fiance at the steak house! You know, Patrick Dempsey from "Grey's Anatomy"? So long!

(why is there a baby crying? where is that sound coming from?)

Oh, Patrick! Patrick! I have arrived at the steak house! Oh, you are more in love with me than yesterday? Oh, stop...you are embarassing me! Yes, I love you too.


Patrick? Where are you going?

(baby crying...)

Wait! Patrick! Don't go! Let me run my fingers through your thick, luxurious hair!

(scratch, more crying)

Please! Don't leave me!!!!!! Wait!!


I'm awake.

The dog is scratching on the door and I can hear our son crying over the monitor. You mean, it wasn't real? It was all a dream? I'm not really engaged to Patrick Dempsey? You mean, I have to get up and feed other people and change diapers and wash dirty dog feet and worry about finances? No more whirlwind romance? No more endless amounts of free time? No more rich fiance? I don't think I can face it.

So, what do I do?

"Honey, can you get up with the baby? I didn't get much sleep last night? Do you mind? Oh, thank you baby."

Ah, back to dream land. Not ready to face reality just yet.


  1. Hope you can get back to that lovely dream!!

  2. at least you got your husband to get up with the dog and baby, lol!

  3. Argh...I hate it when that happens. :) Kids have terrible timing.

    And here I was, all ready to send you a set of steak knives for your engagement gift.

  4. Wish we could pause and sometimes rewind our really good dreams! Cool post!

  5. Johnny Depp will be sweeping me off my feet tonight. We should double date some time. :)

  6. Congratulations on your dream life! Mine involved a murderer last night...so there was that.

  7. That is sweeeeeeeet. I always try to slip back into dreams like that and it never works!

  8. Nice dream. Hope you got it back.

  9. hahahahaaa!!! thats hilarious!! and girl, i had the craziest dream last night...no romance...but WEIRD.

  10. Good one...finally, no nightmares! That's a good sign.

  11. lovely dream!!

    i wish i get something like that but he does not go away...lol!

  12. i think i've had this same dream about brad pitt - but i much prefer patrick dempsey. which is on my agenda tonight - husband's out of town so i have three episodes of grey's to catch up on

  13. Scare me to death...I was thinking about Grey's Anatomy and that he got "fired" on the last show and was going to be leaving along with George and Izzie...but, shooooo that's not the case. Nice dream!!

  14. sweet dreams! I love those kind of dreams.

  15. girrrrllll! what a dream! i am right there with ya! i love me some dr. mcdreamy! :)

  16. I have an award for you here:

  17. Sorry to keep you awake (-: Loved this.
    I'm going back to sleep now.

  18. Replace Patrick Dempsy with Eric Dane and I could have written this!


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