Monday, July 6, 2009

What's up with that Farmer?

So, just a quick post since I haven't written recently. Too busy with the Peanut.

My husband and I purchased some toddler tunes for our son a few days ago. You know, stuff like The Wheels on the Bus, I'm a little Teapot, and The Itsy Bitsy Spider.

I am home most days with our son. We play in his room a lot and have been listening to his new music. Non-stop. He loves it. It is starting to make me nauseous.

I remember all the songs from my own childhood, so I sing along and do the hand gestures for him...the whole bit. However, now that I am older and some might say wiser, I am wondering what in the h-e-double toothpicks were some of these people thinking when they wrote these songs?

For instance, where is Farmer Dell taking everyone? And why does the cheese stand alone? Is it stinky cheese? Moldy cheese? Does that mean the stinky cheese doesn't get to go? And where are the farmer, his wife, the child, the dog, the cat, and the rat going?

What is up with the Thumbkin song? It is weird enough as it is, but I didn't realize there are lyrics for every finger on the hand. So, what happens when you get to the lyric about the middle finger and while your child's middle fingers are talking to each other ("How are you today, sir?" then "Very well, I thank you!"), he/she is flippin' the bird to everyone else in the playgroup?

Who is eating Peas Porridge nine days old? Who likes it like that?

Just some things I've been wondering about.

Gotta go watch The Bachelorette (yes, I admit it. I watch it), so I will just leave you with a joke from his toddler CD:

"Why is 6 afraid of 7?"

Punchline: "Because 7 8 9!"

I love kid's jokes.


  1. Oh Gawd I needed this laugh today! Absolutely hilarious!!!!!! I have this nursery rhyme book...well half the damn things in there are just downright disturbing and I wouldn't ever read them aloud. Think...Rub a Dub..Three men in a
    serioulsy, was someone on crack the writer of these?? some childless person smoking a crakpipe?? And what's with Peter Peter Pumpkin eater...had a wife and couldn't keep her? Oh, gosh I could go on and on...I am glad someone else thinks this is all just...odd!

  2. Very, very odd! Some of them are a little creepy even! I may have to do some more thinking about these and write more when I have more time (could I have said "more" anymore? Ah, one more.)Disturbing.

  3. HA! HA! HA! HA! HA! HA! HA! Just had to laugh. I don't remember ever seeing those nursery rhymes the same way you do. Hmmmm... What does that mean?

  4. Great post. Personally I think the cheese stands alone because he can't play nice with others.


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