Thursday, February 26, 2009

The Light Side

Second, the lighter side of yesterday: Quotes from my nephew, MP

Let me begin by saying...I love my niece and nephew to pieces. My sister-in-law and brother-in-law have done an amazing job raising them. These kids are polite, bright, and an absolute joy to be around. And like all children, they are hilarious. Bill Cosby was right -- kids say the darndest things. Here are some quotes from my 2-year old nephew to brighten your day.

The scene: MP and I talking to my son, Max
Me: "MP, can you say 'Hi' to baby Max?"
MP: "Hi baby Max. What's your name?"

Me: "Come on, MP. Time to go outside! Is the TV on or off?"
MP: "Ummm...Jesus Christ turned it off."
Me: (stifling laughter) "Who turned it off?"
MP: "Jesus Christ."
Me: "Why did Jesus turn off the tv?"
MP: "He doesn't like it on."

The scene: MP and I playing on the back deck with his bubble machine
MP: "Aunt Amy?"
Me: "Yeah?"
MP: "Would you like a beer?"
Me: (again stifling laughter) "No, thank you, MP. But thank you for asking."
MP: "Sure."

The scene: MP sitting on the toilet "reading" a magazine and he rips a page
MP: "Oh no! This page is torn! Can you fix it?"
Me: "It's okay that it is torn. You can still look at the magazine."
MP: "But it is tooorrnnnn!"
Me: "Well, who ripped it? Did you rip it?"
MP: "No, ummm...God did it."
Me: (once again, stifling laughter) "God ripped the magazine?"
MP: "Yes, God did it."

Nothing like it.

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