Thursday, May 26, 2011

We made it five years? You're kidding.

So, I am the first one to get up every morning (besides my 2 year old, Max, who usually wakes ME up). Then, I feed Harry, get Max some milk, turn on the TV so Max can watch Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, and I begin to make lunches and make breakfast. Then, I get my husband up. I am his alarm clock.

Well, this morning was a little chaotic, so I wasn't able to be gentle about it. I marched into the bedroom and said, "Get up. I need your help. Max just peed on the floor and Harry is crying for a bottle!"

And so my husband rolled out of bed and said, "Happy Anniversary! I was hoping for breakfast in bed, but I guess mopping up pee and a crying baby are all I get!"

And then we both started laughing. I had totally forgotten that it is our anniversary today.

We aren't celebrating it until this weekend (we get to go away for a whole night!), so I forgot amidst the chaos of my household. Oops.

I couldn't have asked to marry a better man. Really, I couldn't have. That isn't to say that he doesn't do some things that make my skin crawl (like slurping cereal, gulping his coffee, leaving water on the bathroom and kitchen floors, dumping food in the sink even though we don't have a garbage disposal, shoveling popcorn in his mouth like each piece is an antidote to some kind of name a few), but I am incredibly lucky and blessed.

(And I'm sure there are things about me that drive him crazy, but we won't talk about those, will we? No, we won't.)

He is funny, kind, gentle, loyal, and he loves me and our kids more than anything. He is an amazing, loving father. He is always willing to play with the boys, take them fun places like Chuck E. Cheese, take them to the park, or just take them grocery shopping. He does everything he can to never be away from us for a whole night.

Two or three times a month, he has to travel over 3 hours away for work. And instead of driving there at 8 am, working a half day, spending the night, working a half day the next day and then driving home at a decent hour, he instead gets up while it is still dark, drives over 3 hours, works a full day and then drives home over 3 hours at night, just to avoid having to be away from us overnight. Isn't that sweet?

Happy 5th Anniversary, Steve! I love you!


  1. Happy Anniversary!

    Steve sounds like a keeper!

  2. awe! Happy Anniversary! Wishing you many more!

  3. If those are your husbands only flaws then you are indeed extremely blessed lol Happy Anniversary!

  4. Happy Day! I just had my 29th anniversary with the Big Tuna two weeks ago.

  5. Happy Anniversary. You two are just so cute. great pic.. Hope you had a wonderful day.

    Thanks for posting the hotter than summer event button.


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