Monday, May 2, 2011

The Starbucks Fairy

So, when I went through the Starbucks drive-thru today to get my usual tall coffee with soy milk (my coffee orders don't require several deep breaths and a modern dictionary on coffee abbreviations), the lady at the window said that the woman in the car in front of me had paid for my coffee!

And I started crying! Aye yi yi.

I wish I could tell that woman in the white SUV how much her kind gesture meant to me - how much she improved my energy, my mood, my dreary morning.

I was having kind of a rough morning for several reasons: one, it was raining. Again. It seems that it has done nothing but rain here in the South for weeks.

two, when the nurse weighed my son before his ear tubes surgery last Friday (I will write more about that later), she had to weigh me holding him and then weigh me alone because they didn't have a baby scale. And that was the first time I have been weighed in about 6 months. And I found out I have gained 10 pounds.

So, THAT'S what happens when you are consistently overwhelmed by taking care of a home and two young children as a stay-at-home mom with no intellectual stimulation and no real feeling of usefulness and so you eat handfuls of chocolate to self-medicate. Got it.

three...kinda goes hand-in-hand with number two... I had just been to the mall to try on clothes. Ugh. Something I used to love, but now, not so much. I looked at my midsection in the mirror at Express and my muffin top told me that the extra 10 pounds make me irresistible to men from Jersey Shore and bears, so I left feeling fat and dejected.

And then! The Starbucks Fairy!

Thank you, Starbucks Fairy. Bless you and thank you. You made my morning. Now, I hope I can pay it forward. Maybe I could feed myself to some starving bears. I've heard muffin tops are delicious.


  1. What a nice thing to happen to you! I hope she was blessed by the giving as you were by the receiving. And, don't worry about your "muffin top." You are still beautiful. It only is noticeable to you. I'll bet Steve hasn't noticed at all. (He is not your father. And, you are not me.) So don't worry, beautiful mama.

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