Monday, May 9, 2011

Mother's Day wears me the heck out!

So, oh Mother's Day. Doesn't it always turn out more exhausting than it should?

Well, maybe not for everyone, but for me, yes. I still haven't recovered.

The day started out pretty great! I got to sleep in until 10 am!! That is unheard of in my house. I am always awake by 7 am. Most days, I am awake by 6 am. At 10, Max came into my room wearing this waiter's hat and carrying "Mommy's Menu." How cute is he? I got to circle what I wanted for breakfast on the menu and then my husband cooked it!

But, that is where the relaxation ended. Max wanted me to get up, so I did. No breakfast in bed. Then, he tried to crawl on the table and eat my breakfast, he tried to spill my coffee, he tried to pour soy creamer in my green tea, then we had to rush to get ready to go to my husband's sister's house. During the rush to get ready, Max's sensory seeking issues stepped in and he started hitting my 8 month old. When I put him in time-out, he kicked me, hit me, bit me, spit at me, he thrashed around, he screamed, he cried, it was a nightmare. Suddenly, he jumped in my lap and said monsters were scaring him and he curled up in a ball and cried.

It was exhausting for both of us. He was so distressed and I got ANOTHER stress headache. I have had one everyday for the last 2 weeks.

Max has been regressing the last 2 weeks to old aggressive patterns of behavior and he has also developed new sensory issues. The tags in his clothes now bother him. His pajama tops and bottoms have to match every night or he has a meltdown. All noises are suddenly too loud. He isn't eating well again and he wakes up crying during his naps and in the middle of the night. He has absolutely no impulse control. He is hitting himself in the head again and he is hitting others again. He has also begun to have meltdowns several times a day.

I spoke to one of his occupational therapists this morning and she said to just keep consistent with his punishments and keep brushing his skin and doing his joint compressions. But, we lost his brush over the weekend, so I have to wait to get another one tomorrow at his next therapy session. She also said she would check on the status of his referral to the center that will evaluate and officially diagnose him.

We have started giving him B Complex vitamins twice a day and giving him an amino acid blend called "Brain Calm" at night with dinner to balance out his nervous system. The brain calm is supposed to take several weeks to take effect, though.

Anyway, I think Mother's Day should be called Mother's Morning. 10 am is the latest I have ever been able to relax on this day. My husband was so exhausted from having to get up with the kids (he isn't used to that!) that he had to take a nap in the afternoon while I took care of the kids. ON MOTHER'S DAY!

I hope the rest of you had a great Mother's Day! I did have a good time at my sister-in-law's house and later in the evening when my mother and aunt came over for dinner. I am just tired today.

I will try to post again soon about my youngest son's ear tubes surgery!


  1. Oh sweet new friend.... your words make my heart just want to cry.... I am a special educator and totally understand the behaviors that your son is experiencing. I don't have any answers (sorry) just that keep writing - we are listening and it helps to get it out!
    None of our journeys are easy - but we have each other (even if we are just virtual friends!)

  2. Breakfast - that was a nice thought.. Your son is beautiful - I know it's tough but it will pass - easier said, right? On my Mother's Day - went to church - came home - fell asleep on the couch.. The husband put the kids to work and I relaxed.. It was nice...

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  3. I made my husband and so leave for a few hours in the afternoon (to go to the inlaws) so I could read in peace in my bed. I missed them after an hour. :(
    I guess you take what you can get. Sorry you couldn't get more relaxation and ditto to the first comment, we are hear to listen so keep posting!!!


  4. He was darn cute in the hat, thinking good thoughts for you on everything else.


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