Thursday, March 17, 2011

Happy St. Patrick's Day and Happy Potty Day! We are celebrating both around here!



We are celebrating Potty Day around here today because our 2 yr old is officially on Potty Training detail!

I didn't want to start potty training him too soon - I wanted to wait until he showed interest...and at 2 1/2, he has finally started showing signs that he is ready.

Over the weekend, out of nowhere, he started telling us when he needed to pee. So, we would rush him to the bathroom, and he would pee in his little urinal. Yesterday, he started wearing Pull-Ups. And today, he has peed in his urinal twice because he actually came to us and told us he needed to pee!

So far, he won't pee on the actual toilet, so I think most of this is the novelty of peeing while standing up like Daddy and getting to pee in and flush his urinal, but whatever works!

While I am excited about this new chapter in his life, I am also a little on edge because now that he has learned to pee in the urinal, he wants to pee all over the house. He likes to pull down his Pull-Ups and announce to us that he is going to pee. On the living room carpet. So, I have to be on guard, but this is exciting! Maybe someday soon, we will only have ONE child in diapers. Imagine all the money we will save...


  1. Atleast he is showing interest. My son turned 3 in Jan and still doesn't tell us. :(

  2. Very exciting news! Tell him Grandma Jane is proud of him. I miss him. Haven't seen him in a while, so I'll probably come by tomorrow night.

  3. Oh the joys of potty I never had boys so I am guessing it's completely different than girls..
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  4. I really lucked out, my sister in law watched my daughter and when she was potty training her little girl, Sheldon got in on the game. She was out of diapers by the time she was 18 months old, not my doing but it was great.


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