Friday, March 5, 2010

So many things Right

There are so many things right about today.

First of all, I am writing a post two days in a row. I know, I'm excited too.

Second, for the first time in what seems like five or six months, the sun is shining outside and it is 63 degrees! Hallelujah and Amen! I love all seasons, however, I am a Leo and my ruling planet is the Sun.

I seem to thrive in sunlight and warm swimming pools and sun dresses and flip flops. I feel the most like myself. Plus, this year, I will be big and pregnant during the summer, so who cares what I look like in a swimsuit? I'm not afraid to bust out the tankini and let my round tummy lead the way to the pool.

I so want to take my son to the park this afternoon after his nap, but we both have had colds all week and I'm not sure it is the best idea. His nose is crusty and runny and stopped up all at the same time. I feel so sorry for the little guy. And I feel sorry for my furniture...I've caught him wiping his nose on anything he can find. Doesn't that make you want to come over to my house and sit on my couch?

Also, for the first time ever...drum roll son ate orange slices today. I know, I'm excited too. Bananas have been the only fruit he would eat until now. We ventured out this morning and went to the grocery store - since we have been sick, I haven't been to the store all week and we were out of food! We went to Harp's and they had samples all over the deli and produce sections. Don't you just love samples?

I started giving my son samples just to see what he would eat. And you know what? He ate a spicy pepperoni and mozzarella pinwheel, which blew me away. I can't even get him to eat kid-friendly foods like mac n cheese or mashed potatoes, but he likes spicy pepperoni.

Then, I gave him a naval orange slice. I didn't think he would eat it because I've tried oranges several times before, but what do you know? He held onto that rind and shoved his little cheeks into the orange and ate like a madman, all the while grunting and saying, "Mmmmmmmmm." I couldn't believe it.

I think it is probably a faux-pas to go back for seconds, but I didn't care. My son was eating something healthy! So, I got him a second slice. And when he finished that one, I got him a third. I would have gotten him a fourth, but I didn't want to seem too greedy. The produce people were staring.

Then, my sister called and said all of her fertility tests were normal, so she is good to keep trying to have a baby!

And finally, I bought my favorite smoked honey mustard at Harp's, which I totally forgot was my favorite. How awesome to remember!
I hope everyone else is having a good day, as well. As long as my son doesn't dump fruit punch down the front of his shirt (on purpose, I might add) like he did yesterday, or throw two book ends at the coffee table (and chip the table, I might add) like he did yesterday, then today might be good ALL DAY. Yesterday, not so good.


Okay, maybe I celebrated my good day too soon. My son woke up from his nap after only 20 minutes (he usually sleeps for 2-3 hours), crying, because his nose is so nasty. And our booger sucker busted a seam. So, I tried to find our second one, but it is lost. Nowhere to be found. Meanwhile, Max keeps crying for 20 minutes, only making his stuffy, runny, crusty nose worse. And my morning sickness came back. And I think I might cry, too. No park today. At least the first half of the day was stellar. I'll always remember you, morning of Friday, March 5th, 2010.


  1. I love your daily stories. They make me laugh, only because I go through the exact same things.
    Yeah for happy half day. Doesn't reality hit you like a ton of bricks some times?

  2. Poor babies...(both of you). I'm sorry you are still sick.

  3. Okay so mostly a great day!
    Maybe your son likes things spicy:)

    Hope that morning sickness goes away soon..and stays away:)

  4. Isn't that the way it always goes. It drives me crazy when I am all excited for nap time to only have them wake up 20 minutes later. Poor little guy with the stuffy nose. That is rough. Hope you feel better

  5. My son never let me get near him with that suction thing, and he has developed a new habit of wiping his nose with the back of his hand! (I was wondering why his hands were all chapped. Boys can be gross!)

    I hope you both feel better soon!

  6. I find boogers on everything in my house. The rug, the pillows, the sofa, the fridge. Why is it so hard to grab a tissue? Little heathens.

    And recently, I even found poop on the bathroom wall. I don't even want to know. Now, wouldn't you like to come over here? :)

  7. Dude!! The booger sucker. How well I remember my old friend. Thankfully my boys are just now getting to the age where they can blow their own noses (and one of them can even wipe his own butt). Should I have a party? I think I might. Meanwhile, I'm thrilled about your son enjoying oranges. I am always shocked at the things my children eat and like. Diego won't eat sandwiches to save his life, but he will eat spicy tacos and tortilla soup and jalapeno flavored potato chips. I hope you all are feeling much better and no more booger sucker needed. XOXOXOXOX Big hugs to all of you.


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