Saturday, March 6, 2010

Pajama Time

So, I have had a cold all week, but today was by far the worst. I woke up at 4 am with stomach cramps and started having tummy troubles around 6 am. Plus, my cold symptoms were worse - sore throat, headache, ear ache, stuffy nose. Icky. I had to stay home from my part-time job and I stayed in bed until 3 pm, sleeping on and off all day. I haven't done that since before my son was born.

I was lucky that today is Saturday and my husband was home to watch Max. He took care of all parenting duties and didn't even come in the room to ask me questions, like "What should I feed Max for breakfast?" or "What should I feed Max for lunch?" or "What does Max want? He's fussy." or "Where are Max's shoes?" etc. He took care of everything and brought me Gatorade and bananas. He let me sleep the day away.

Steve had to work at his part-time job tonight, so I eventually had to get up and take over. When I got out of bed, I found this:

Max still in his dinosaur pajamas at 4 pm.

The yellow floatie vest came later. Max insisted on wearing this vest all night long.

Why is it that whenever my husband watches our son by himself, Max stays in his pajamas. All day. Are all men like this or just mine? My husband even took our son to a friend's house this morning and didn't change him out of his pj's. Then, after lunch, he needed his pajamas changed because of a scrambled egg incident, and my husband just put him in another pair of pajamas.

This isn't the first time this has happened. I've come home from work on Saturdays around 3-4 pm to find my son in his pj's. I'm not sure what the hold up husband says he keeps him in his pj's for comfort. My husband is BIG on comfort. He loves tucking in our dog at night, just so he is cozy. Our dog, Meeko, even sleeps on his own down comforter. I'm not kidding.

I have basically been sick for the last two months straight - as soon as my morning sickness got better, I got a stomach bug, then a cold, then another stomach bug. I feel bad for this baby in my belly - when I was pregnant with Max, I never had morning sickness and I stayed healthy for the entire nine months, therefore, I ate really healthy, organic foods and felt wonderful.

This poor baby has gotten nothing but gingerale and cereal and popcorn, with an occassional bowl of Rocky Road ice cream and salty chips. And lots of applesauce. For both my baby's sakes, I hope I feel normal soon.

Here is one more picture of Max in his floatie vest and dinosaur pajamas. He wore this vest until he went to bed tonight. He was very proud of it and totally ready for a flood.


  1. OMG, that is hilariously cute. My husband does the same thing. The big thing with me is that he always forgets to put lotion on him and that is HUGE. He and I have eczema and if you don't moisturize, like 400 times a day during the winter, you break out really easily. My husband doesn't have it so he doesn't understand. I don't know how many times I've written LOTION on our board or hollered LOTION up the stairs or called him from MY part-time job simply to say LOTION.

    sigh, husbands...what the heck?!

  2. At least he was dressed... LOL! Mine would leave them in just a diaper.

  3. I sorry you aren't feeling good!! Missed seeing you today at the salon! Hope you get to feeling better very soon! Love those pics of Max! Too funny.

  4. Hi Amo!!! Thank you so much for your super sweet comments on my blog. That is so cool that you were going to go to an MFA program too. Maybe when things slow down in a few years you can return to it? You are an awesome writer and I love your blog. One of my very best friends has celiac disease too and I thought my son had a gluten intolerance briefly so we tried the gluten free diet (and dairy free and egg free too) for 3 months but it turned out that wasn't the case after all. I have lots of respect for those with celiac because it was really hard to stick with the diet and I know it is so much more critical with celiac. Anyway, I just wanted to say that I am so happy I found your blog and am enjoying your writing so much! And my husband doesn't even get my children dressed at all when he's home alone with them. Pampers and underwear. That's about it. And the house always looks like it was ripped apart by about 2 or 3 good tornados as well. But they always have fun. Papi is loads of fun, that's for sure.

  5. PS Really hope you are feeling so much better too! So hard to take good care of yourself when you have little ones. Glad you at least got one good day of rest. Big hugs.

  6. But Mama, he looks so cute in his pjs and floatie fest. What a doll!

  7. So, so cute! I love the pictures! And no, it's not just your husband. He will leave the kids in whatever they were in when he took command. Only a diaper and one sock? Then that's what they'll stay in. If he has to leave the house with them, I always get "where's the baby's clothes?" Um. In the drawer. Same place they are EVERY TIME YOU'VE ASKED ME! Daddy has his very own rules and the kids love them. Mommy isn't near as fun.:)

    So sorry you're not feeling well. I really hope the bug clears out soon and you're feeling back to normal. Well, as normal as you can be when you're making a person.

    Hang in there! Thinking of you! :)

  8. Okay so husbands, they are ALL the same.
    Your pictures are too sweet, and I truly hope you feel better soon! You deserve a break:)


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