Monday, June 27, 2011

Surprise! It's A Wedding!

So, again, I have been missing for a couple of weeks! I have been busy, busy.

After I got the stomach flu, my sinus infection got worse, so I began taking antibiotics, which upset my stomach and gave me the you-know-whats, so I had to stop taking them, and then I finally got better and am now healthy once again. Thank goodness.

THEN, my best friend of 12 years, Liz, got married! (It was a surprise!)

She was supposed to get married next month in Florida with only their families attending and was having just an engagement party with friends this past weekend. However, one week before the party, she and her fiance, due to family drama that circles around divorce and parents who act like children (:)), decided to forgo Florida and surprise everyone with a wedding at the engagement party!

So, she called and asked if I would be her matron of honor, which I was so stoked about!, and I had one week to find a dress! Yikes!

Here are some photos of the big day:

This is the bride, Liz, and I

This is my husband, Steve, and I

This is my son, Max, on the after-ceremony hayride! He got so excited when we took off down the hill to feed the cows!

And these are the fireworks they shot off to celebrate Liz and Brandan's marriage! It was AMAZING! And it was a perfect evening for a party!

Congratulations Liz and Brandan! I love you!


  1. You look gorgeous!! I am such a sucker for a wedding!!

  2. That must be the new move, one of the women at work surprised everyone at the man's birthday party and they got married. They didn't even tell their kids until 5 minutes before.

    You look beautiful and your arm candy doesn't look too bad either.

  3. Im glad your feeling better. I love weddings and I agree with the others you look gorgeous!


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