Thursday, June 16, 2011

I said "fake injury" not "real illness"! Geez, get it right, Universe.

So, I didn't realize I had such pull in the Universe. In my last post, I asked for a fake injury in order to get some sleep. And I got that...sort of.

Instead, I got the stomach flu. Which in itself, was no picnic and I certainly felt injured.

At one point, I had to throw my husband out of the bathroom with his face half-covered in shaving cream because I was about to throw up all over him. It wasn't pretty.

However, I did get some sleep. My mom and aunt came over to take care of the boys ALL DAY (thank you so much Mom and Brenda!!!), and I was able to quarantine myself in our bedroom.

The cable is, for some unknown reason, not working in our bedroom and I was able to lie in bed for hours with no TV, no computer, no music, no yelling children, no one asking me for chocolate milk, no one needing me for anything. Total silence.

Do you understand what I am saying??? This mother of two little boys was able to spend a day in TOTAL SILENCE.

And despite the nausea and the vomiting, I have to say it was worth it.

So, thank you, Universe. Thank you for my day spent in total silence. Now, tomorrow, I would like a million dollars. I expect it on my doorstep when I wake up. Thanks!


  1. I hate, hate, hate to barf and will avoid at all costs. Rather have a broken leg for Pete's sake

  2. Sure hope the Universe is listening.

  3. Oh, that sounds almost wonderful! As a mom of 2, almost 3, small kids I have been there. My husband and I both had the flu once and I remember calling my mom in tears and she came to pick up my toddler for a couple of days. So nice to be sick and rest. Fortunately we're usually a very healthy bunch. Our biggest health headache recently was my 3 year old needing an injured tooth extracted. Oh and if you ever need a good resource on caring for kids' teeth, this Mom's Guide has great info and creative tips ( Glad for your illness... I totally get it! :)

  4. Hilarious! I'm glad you got a chance to relax, even though you were puking too. :(


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