Wednesday, April 6, 2011


So, last week, Max went to his first rEcess night!

rEcess is a monthly respite night provided for special-needs children twelve and under. It gives the parents of these children a night out and provides the children with tons of fun!! Each child is assigned an adult "buddy" for the night so that each child gets one-on-one attention.

rEcess was initiated by 99 Balloons, a non-profit organization started by Matt and Ginny Mooney after their son, Eliot, passed away from Trimsomy 18 after 99 days on this earth. They released 99 balloons at his funeral. If you would like to read more about 99 Balloons or rEcess, click here.

Max had a GREAT time!! He is ALWAYS happy to see me when I show up, but when I picked him up from rEcess, he threw his body on the floor and started crying! He cried all the way home in the car, saying, "I want go back! I want go back!" When we got home, he refused to get out of the car. I had to drag him in the house kicking and screaming. He cried in the house and didn't want us to touch him. He didn't calm down until he saw that Blue's Clues was on and then he started to dry his tears and sit on my lap. It is hard to explain to a 2 yr old that he will get to go back, just not for another month.

He was also exhausted when he got home. rEcess lasts from 6-10 pm, and even though I picked him up at 8:30, he was still beyond tired! He had so much fun!!

I am so grateful for this program. Not only does it give my husband and I time to give Harry, or each other, some undivided attention, but it also provides Max with an evening of fun, playing, and socializing. As his parents, we don't have to explain his behavior there. If he is aggressive, overstimulated, hyperactive, or has a meltdown, the volunteers know why and they expect it. It gives us such peace of mind to know that he is in a place where he is completely accepted and understood.

He loved it and the kindness of the volunteers that make this evening possible are the best kind of angels.


  1. I am so glad Max got to go and had a good time, and that you got some time to recharge.

    Your family deserves a break!

  2. Happy to hear it went well... Hope Harry's ear infection is better.

  3. Yea!! I'm so glad that Max has a place to go and be himself without you having to worry about him and how others will react to him. I'm sure that gives you such peace of mind. You guys need that night to relax...I love that people are willing to give of their time to help out exhausted parents!!

  4. I'm so happy for you that there is something like this out there. What a lovely place for Max and what a lovely relief for YOU! We all need it.

  5. Oh I'm so glad he had a good time. Sorry for the meltdown darn it.


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