Wednesday, November 17, 2010

A Bad Day

So, today has been a bad day. Plain and simple. One of those days that just slowly breaks you down. I'm sure it doesn't help that I haven't had any sleep in over 2 months (Harry, please start to sleep through the night).

Anyway, I thought I would write about it and hope that the act of writing it out makes me feel better because I've got to feel better before my 2 yr old son wakes up from his nap so I can be a good mommy and not a broken down, sad mommy with no patience.

Everything was fine until I went to pick him up from preschool and one of his teachers met me outside the door. That's never good. She told me how much she still thinks he needs occupational and speech therapy. He is getting worse with his hitting and biting at school and his speech hasn't improved. He can't communicate well, he hardly eats, and he is getting frustrated more and more all the time. I have been able to tell at home, too, that he is getting more and more upset as time goes on. I had to fight back the tears as she was telling me all of this and tried to keep from crying in front of Max in the car.

I know he is a difficult child and I know he needs some type of therapy. I am not blind to that fact. I take care of him seven days a week and some days are so difficult that the day ends in my tears and chest pains. What I don't know is how we will pay for it. Therapies of these types can cost up to $75,000 a year without insurance and Max doesn't have insurance. He has government coverage.

I emailed a girl I know this afternoon who owns a children's therapy clinic and asked her for any information she has on government assistance programs for therapy. We will see.

Today broke my heart.

Then, the cable guy came to hook up our Tivo and I found out that my husband was given some misinformation about the Tivo system when he bought it. So, the cable guy leaves, I call my husband to tell him about the misinformation, he goes into a rage about the Best Buy people, which is where we bought it, and he decides to return the Tivo. Well, then, after the cable guy leaves, our Tivo says it can't receive a cable signal anyway. So, I call the cable company and they can't get anyone out here until tomorrow to fix it. So, no TV.

I promised my son he could watch Dino Dan after his nap because I wouldn't let him watch it before his nap, and now, I have to break that promise because of the stupid Best Buy and Cox Communications people.

And now my husband is freaking out about how we will pay for Max's therapy, how he is going to get revenge on the Best Buy salesman, and how he can get a glass of wine to make it through the rest of the day. Oh wait, I'm the one wondering about how I can get a glass of wine to make it through the rest of the day. Where is that corkscrew?


  1. Medicaid may pay for some services for Max - through their mental health component.

    What state are you in? Maybe I could help you find the agency you need. You definitely need to get him evaluated and have a service coordinator who can hook you up with services in your area.

    I know your frustration...I live with it every day. It's best to get him started while he is young, so they can help him before he starts getting in trouble in public school.

    Also, check out Head Start in your area. I don't know about their income limits, but they may have ideas for you.

    And if your state has a Parents as Teachers program, they are set up to help parents and children so they can succeed when they get to school.

    Maybe he's not in the preschool that works for him, if he's so frustrated.

    If you'd like to talk, here's my email: kimrsch (at) yahoo dot com.

    Hang in can get better.

  2. What a crap day. I hope it has a good turnout. Let me chat with my sister, and see if she has any suggestions. She is way handy with the ot stuff, she deals with it daily.
    Thinking of you guys! Cable is a disaster and ruins my day frequently, got any good dvd's to distract Max? xoxo

  3. I'm truly, truly sorry for your crappy day, big hugs your way girlie.

  4. Thinking of you. Your state should have a lot of help through the gov't programs for Max! I am surprised your pedi hasn't already started that for you. I would maybe start there as they usually have to send in requests anyway. Good Luck.

  5. I think in all states with medicaid if a teacher or doctor suggests therpy they will cover it. Not sure what state your in but call your provider and they may can answer and many schools have an class that works with speech therpy during school hours while children are there.

    Hugs & Best wishes!!

  6. I wish you good luck and send you hugs. It's a tough job being a stay at home mom. All we want is the best for our kids.

    I would suggest your local ECFE , early childhood family education. They may have some suggestions. There are a ton of services out there, you just have to dig. Asking your Pedi will help too.

    Good luck.

  7. This is my first time on your blog and my first post read.

    Good luck. The advice above is great. You will do just fine. Hang in there!

  8. My daughter's speech was 100 percent covered through the early intervention program. It is free until your son is 3, then he will move under the school district's umbrella. Arte Herndon is the lady you need to talk to. Of course I no longer have her number handy, but if your preschool
    doesn't have it, call the Northwest Arkansas Educational Service Coop and they can probaby give it to you. We went to Childrens Therapy TEAM for speach and had wonderful results. I recommend calling as soon as you can because the earlier they can work with your child, the better!


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