Saturday, February 27, 2010

Pregnancy and the Poo Poo Party

So, oh woe is me. Oh, woe is me.

I needed to feel sorry for myself for a second. I'm better.

I have been so bloggy absent. I think I missed my one-year blogaversary, too. I have been too sick with all day morning sickness, too tired, too hormonal, too irritable, too everything to write or read any blogs. I mean, come on, I cried during an episode of Desperate Housewives. I left the water running in the kitchen sink for some amount of time and had no recollection of why I had turned it on in the first place. I cried during Supernanny. I lost my grocery list in the car when I know I just had it in my hand. How many places could it have gone to in the car?

I have had to take a break lately. I couldn't concentrate on blogging and trying to keep myself awake and sane and from throwing up. I tried to catch up on some of your blogs today. Also, I haven't had anything much to say...any blog posts lately would have been all complaints about the newly acquired nerve pain down my left leg, my nausea and lack of sleep. So, believe me, it was best that I didn't write.

But tonight, Max and I are going to a Poo Poo Party. Max's friend, Simon, who is three years old, pooped in the potty for seven days in a row, so his parents are throwing him a poo poo party and only boys are invited. This is the most exciting thing that has happened to me since I found out I was pregnant seven weeks ago. I might as well be going to a fancy restaurant and then to a Bon Jovi concert. I am way too excited to go to this poop party. But, no fear, I will tell you all about it in my next post.


  1. I'm glad to see you've back! I'm sorry you are so sick, ugh. I hated that when I was pg! Have fun at the poo poo party, that is hysterical!

  2. I have not had the chance to congratulate you on your congrats...wonderful news!!! Don't worry about not blogging lately, the important thing is to take care of yourself.

  3. Poo Poo Party...that's hilarious! The things you crazy parents celebrate crack me up! I hope you have fun. Give Max a kiss for me!

  4. What a great idea! Heck, this might have helped my son speed it up in the potty training arena...

    Hope you are feeling better :)

  5. seriously? a poo poo party - lol - whatever works.

    Have fun!

    Love to you and congratulations on the pregnancy!

  6. I have never heard of a poo poo party. I hope there's pictures and details for us. Sounds interesting.

  7. Ha! Can't wait to hear about this one!

  8. Ok first of all I am THRILLED for you!

    Second of all ... I wanna go to a poo poo party!!! :)

  9. I have never heard of a poo poo party, but I hope you had fun! :)

    I hope you get to feeling better too. Did you have morning sickness like this with your first? Thank goodness I am FINALLY starting to feel normal (well as normal as I can get right I hope yours passes soon too!

  10. I have never heard of anyone doing that before, however my life is just as exciting so I'd prob be happy to be going too ! haha

  11. That is the cutest idea ever!!!

    I might even throw one for my husband!!

    Feel better!!!!!

  12. that is too funny - never heard of it but can't wait to hear the details -- wonder if they'll pass out favors and wonder what those could be?
    hope you get to feeling better - just remember it's all worth it --sucks along the way -- but so worth it!!!

  13. OMG.... Where the heck have I been, You are Pregnant!?!?!?! CONGRATULATIONS THAT IS AWESOME!!!!!!!!
    *Hanging my head in shame at my bad blogging behavior of late* going right now to read through your posts and catch up!

  14. Congrats on your new pregnancy!!! It's wonderful and sickening all at once. Why is that? I was so sick with both my boys, I could barely get my enormous preggers booty off the couch to go throw up repeatedly. Hope you start feeling better soon and btw just found your blog and love it. Following you now. Take care and if you feel up to it at some point, come by and visit me at:


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