Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Actual Recent Conversation with my Husband

So, let me set the scene:

It's the weekend. Early afternoon. I have just stepped out of the shower and realized that I left my robe in our bedroom. I call for Steve's assistance. He is in the living room. Ahem.

Me: Steeeeeve! Can you get my robe? I left it on the foot of our bed.

Steve: Sure.

(returns with robe. Meanwhile, I am in wet towel, freezing my butt off. He begins to hand me the robe, then hesitates and pulls back)

Steve: Oh wait. I forgot. The dog peed on your robe.

Me: What?

Steve: Yeah, I forgot tell you. Meeko peed on your robe yesterday.

Me: You do realize that I wore this robe all morning and you saw me wearing it.

Steve: Yeah.

Me: And you didn't tell me that the dog peed on it yesterday?

Steve: Sorry! I forgot!

Me: I can't believe you didn't tell me that Meeko peed on my robe and I wore a pee-stained robe all morning!

Steve: You can't expect so much from me. Your expectations of me are way too high.

Me: On what planet is trusting your husband to tell you if the dog peed on the robe you are wearing too high of an expectation?

Steve: Well, I can't remember everything.

He was serious.

And he wonders why I sigh heavily all the time.


  1. This made me laugh...heartily. And then I was filled with shame.

    And then I showed it to a

    It really IS in the details.

  2. Funny! Since I am a guy I understand completely. Sorry women. I don't always understand why God made us so different. Probably so that together we could make something perfect!

    Glitzy Gals Club

  3. Okay, first I laughed (sorry), then I felt bad, then I went "yuck!" I'm not sure who you should be mad at more-the dog or your husband? Hang in there!

  4. Rub it on his pillow on the way to the laundry room. ;)

  5. OMG, this made me and the hubs laugh!

  6. OMG i think we are married to the same man. ;-)


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