Thursday, September 30, 2010

Those teeth aren't going to brush themselves...

So, I haven't written or read your blogs much lately because I've been just a teensy, weensy busy. And tired.

If I'm not changing 2 kids' diapers, bottle feeding, feeding my 2-yr old, scraping food off the floor and the walls after feeding my 2-yr old, packing my son's lunch, packing my husband's lunch, doing laundry, cleaning up pee and poop from my dog, Pia, who we just found out has liver failure and is having trouble controlling her bladder and bowels, trying to keep up with the dishes, washing bottles, picking up toys...if I'm not doing any of these things, then I am either eating or sleeping.

Until the baby wakes up or my 2-yr old demands, "Choc mill! Choc mill!" which in his language means chocolate milk.

My house is never clean, I usually don't eat breakfast until I get a headache and realize that I haven't eaten, some days I don't get to brush my teeth or my hair or change my clothes, I'm always tired, we've eaten cereal for dinner several times since the baby came, I found a dirty diaper on my front porch this morning (thanks to a tired husband who didn't feel like walking to the garbage can), I can't keep a constant eye on my 2-yr old anymore so he stuck two DVDs in our TV/DVD combo and now we can't get them out...

Everyday I wonder where the time went and why my house is still such a mess and why I look and smell homeless...

yesterday I realized that my glamour days are over when I found a chunk of peanut butter in my hair and I had no idea how long it had been there...

and now we aren't sure how we are going to continue to pay for health insurance and diapers and bills...

but somehow, through all of this, I am happy. And very grateful. I have two kids. TWO! And I love them both so much. I was afraid I would never have kids and now I have two. And I am married to someone who is an incredible father and a supportive husband. And we love each other. Our lives aren't perfect. Some days my husband and I want to kill each other, we might yell and fight, or we might wish it was legal to drive our kids out to the middle of nowhere and leave them there with a sippy cup of chocolate milk and a couple of pacifiers...

but all in all, I have the greatest life. And for that, I will be forever grateful.

And now, at 3:30 pm, I just might brush my teeth.

Oh wait...nevermind. The baby is crying out for blood and I can hear my toddler dragging a tin cup across the bars of his crib.

Maybe I can brush my teeth tomorrow.


  1. As busy as you are, I can tell you are super happy! :)

  2. In no time at all, you'll move through the period of chaos and calm will return - and you'll resume your life as the totally got it together mom you were meant to be!

  3. I love you and wish I could help out more.

  4. First, it will get easier (time marches on.)
    Second, I feel for you-there were days with my son (he was colicky)that I didn't get out of my PJs, let alone eat... Get some sleep and swish with mouthwash-LOL!

  5. Hey Amo:) Just checking in on you. Hope you and the boys are doing well. Turn some music on and groove out! Thinkin' of you!


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