Thursday, May 13, 2010

Night Night

So, lately I have been obsessed with taking pictures of my son while he sleeps. Children are so sweet while sleeping. They don't eat dog food or draw on the TV or pour out the last of your morning tea while they are sleeping.

My son is a rock hard sleeper, so the flash doesn't usually wake him woke him up once and I bolted from the room, but I tripped over a fire truck which set off sirens and made the whole thing worse. But, that's only happened once. The rest of the time, he sleeps through it like a baby. Because he is a baby. My baby.

In every picture, he has his crocheted blankie, the one he carries with him everywhere he goes, even to the grocery store. His Grandma Jane made it for him. It usually stinks because it is hard to get it away from him to wash, but he loves it, rotten smell and all.


  1. Those pics are precious. Well, HE'S precious! I had better get started on Harry's blankie!

  2. Love the pictures. He's such a handsome little guy. I know what you mean about them sleeping...I think I probably have more sleeping pictures than I do of them awake. They're just so innocent when their mouths are closed... :)

    How are you?

  3. so sweet
    I love that he loves his blankey! My mother always said that a baby who sleeps with their arms up like that is confident and comfortable with their place in the world. Funny thing to say isn't it? He is a darling little man.

  4. Oh he is so cute. I just love looking at my kids when they are sleeping-you get so nostalgic...

  5. He looks so adorable! Peaceful and safe and happy. What a cutie!!


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